house of fraser handbags
Though I am a shoe addict on every level, one thing I prefer about handbags is their power to completely change a ‘look’ from one thing to another. I was recently browsing through gazillions of handbags on House of Fraser’s online store in preparation for a shoot and kept fixating on the idea of multi-styling a simple white dress. Whether you whip out a casual satchel or opt for a streamlined clutch, choosing a handbag as your focal point against is one of the simplest ways to define a single-hued ensemble.

Shop The Look (left to right, top to bottom):
1. Zatchels neon orange cross-body.
2. Ted Baker Audree.
3. Rick Owens belted jersey dress.
4. Lulu Guinness large Edith shopping tote.
5. Zatchels classic brown satchel.
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padlock bag
I don’t often buy new handbags, but with my trademark vintage box bag in need of a little TLC and a trip to New York coming up (not a prime time for handbag , it was time.

Not wanting to waste pesos on an investment bag in a rush, I was looking for something structured, neutral, secure, and spacious enough to tote my monster camera around. You may not believe in love at first sight, but as soon as this cream oversized padlock bag was in view, I knew I had found ‘The One’.
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how to pack fashion
Having moved – internationally¬†– eight times so far in my life (20+ times overall), I am a dab hand at packing. When you have to shove your entire life into two suitcases (shoes included), you really can’t afford not to be.

With today being The Manfriend and I’s first full day in New York City, I thought I would take this opportunity to share my tips and tricks with you!

Packing your Carry-On

– Put your laptop at the top for a quick security stop.
– Bring a rolling suitcase that almost reaches the airline’s maximum allowable carryon size.
– Remember the security restrictions and 3-1-1 rules. It only takes a Rodial face cream to be chucked in an airport bin to understand the importance of 3-1-1.
– Take advantage of the weight. This is a great place to add any awkward
– Pack a change of clothes and any medication in case of emergency.
– Don’t pack anything in here you want to use during the flight. No-one likes the woman who keeps pulling things out from the overhead cabin.

Packing your Suitcase

– Check the culture. For example, some locations – though incredibly hot – do not allow bare arms or shoulders.
– Choose a staple style to save space. Three dresses can be used for a week-long vacation without becoming boring if you change up jewellery, jackets, belts, etcetera. Interchangeable basics are key for holidays.
– Sensible shoes. Strictly sneakers? Definitely not. I do try to limit vacation shoes to four categories, though: night out (nude pumps), casual (wedges in a neutral colour), airport friendly (boots or wedged trainers), and heat-friendly (Havaianas).
– Limit bulky items. If they are required for the weather, wear them on the plane in layers.
– Pack your cosmetics/toiletries in here in secure containers. I use lightweight see-through boxes that have secure lids to prevent spillage in case my bag is thrown around.
– Don’t fold. It’s bulky. Lay or roll.

Packing your Handbag (BONUS!)

Ah, finally. A chance to take advantage of being a woman. There are still size regulations on your handbag, but considering it isn’t counted as a carry-on and can be almost as large as one, there is no cause for complaints.

Organize your travel documents and personal belongings into folders, then use the rest of the room to pack light items/extra clothing. I usually pack them on the bottom, with my camera on top and a smaller handbag (for day-to-day use) at the side.

Wherever you are going (or dreaming of going), I wish you safe and wonderful travels!

Blake Lively Chanel Mademoiselle
Over the weekend, Gossip Girl fashionista Blake Lively trekked to Paris to unveil her first designer campaign for Chanel’s Mademoiselle handbag collection. The ads – which were captured by Chanel‘s incredible creative director Karl Lagerfeld – were shot in Paris’ historic Rue Cambon, and will all be revealed in the next fortnight. Wait and watch your wishlist rack up.