bling rings
Jewellery organisation is no easy feat. Until I moved into the new house (which you’ll see more of very soon!), my own collection was spread across a mish-mash of boxes, hangers, and table tops.

As soon as I had remedied my organisational woes with a proper jewellery stand, I had the urge to fill the space with extravagant newness.

Introducing…The Bling Rings: the dainty Thomas Sabo ring from Joshua James and S-shaped pearled earrings (geddit?) from QVC. Both became surprise necessities as soon as quickly as the internet led me to them and I have not taken either off since they arrived.

bling rings
bling rings
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versace hm

Versace for H&M

This week, the Versace x H&M lookbook was finally released. Thankfully, it did not disappoint in any way! The 50-piece collection features dresses, skirts, leggings, scarves, handbags, shoes, belts, menswear, jewelry, and even homeware. Impressively, many of the prints, products and palettes seem to have been drawn almost straight from the archives. Value for money, in my eyes!

That said, it isn’t going to translate as ‘value‘ if we go out and buy everything at once (…note to self). Above, I have compiled some of my favourite pieces that I believe will work both alltogether and also add something special to many outfits when separated. Characteristic Versace: on the cheap (I can’t wait)!

Mariah Carey
Ready for Lela London trying to force Mariah Carey into viral territory?

It’s happening. For her first ‘appearance’ post-pregnancy, Mariah took the midnight-to-2am slot on HSN to sell everything from jewelry with charms, to perfumes, to stretch hoodies, to strappy shoes. It was hilarious, wonderful and peculiarly endearing. Watch below or forever regret it.

DC Comics nOir Jewelry

BE STILL, my geek chic heart. In celebration of DC Comics’ 75th anniversary, the comic book legends have entered the most fabulous collaboration with accessory powerhouse nOir Jewelry. That’s right, guys – accessories to fight crime in! Subscribers and amigos will surely know of my Wonder Woman obsession, so believe me when I say that knuckleduster ring is mine. Featuring great pieces from all of our superhero favourites, the limited-edition range starts at just $60 and includes rings, earrings, and more adorned with character insignia and imagery. Fashion saving the world.