Codie Young Topshop

  • Model Codie Young was accused of anorexia by ‘experts’ and journalists when overly-photoshopped images of her were released on Topshop‘s website. Codie has spoken up to dispel rumours. Why? “I’m one of those people that doesn’t take crap from anyone. I stand up for myself. I felt I shouldn’t just sit back and have someone say something about me that’s clearly not true, so that’s why I decided to do it. I just wanted to let people know it’s not OK to just call us anorexic. I mean, obviously I understand that people are going to have opinions of me because I’m a model, but it’s different to accuse someone of having a disease.”
  • Lily Allen is closing “Lucy in Disguise” – her store in Covent Garden. In August, she will be opening a new branch in a different area of London. When rumors spread that Lily’s business was struggling, she tweeted “If any other publication wants to write deliberately misleading articles about Lucy in Disguise, feel free, I WILL sue you.”
  • “What I love is this idea of a wardrobe. The idea that we’re establishing certain signatures and updating them, that a change in colour or fabric is enough. I do think that the world doesn’t need many more frivolous bits and bobs that end up left in cupboards or landfills.” – Phoebe Philo on Celine
  • Lil Wayne is planning on launching a clothing line called ‘Rebirth‘. Yes, like his album. “I just figure that I… I’m funky. I got that from my stylist, Marisa. I’m funky, like she say. I wear a whole buncha items at one time, you know what I mean? I be figuring you at least want one of them items. Like, ‘Damn, I’d love to have that safety pin he got on,’ you know what I mean? Anything. I got on these types of shoes, these shorts, this sweater… A year from now, I want all these items to be mine. Rebirth. I want—I just figure people want to be funky like me, so I got my clothing line.”

    Anja Rubic Sasha Knezevic

  • Models Anja Rubic and Sasha Knezevic got married on the Mediterranean island of Majorca. Anja wore a wedding dress-cum-minidress custom designed by Pucci designer Peter Dundas.
  • Fabio is selling half-inch pieces of his hair for $10,000 on Craigslist, along with a $500 ice cream scoop, a $4,000 tanning bed, $8,000 CD tower, and a $5,000 commemorative pizza stone. Great way to spend your allowance.
  • Vogue has a new secret website that will launch in December. No-one is revealing the content or plans for the site. Let’s hope for a sartorial social network!
  • Lily Allen Fashion Line
    Six months ago, Lily Allen and sister Sarah Owen opened a vintage shop to the name of “Lucy in Disguise” because ‘we love vintage and we’re not clothing designers‘. That didn’t last long. A stylish birdie has told us the duo are now launching an 18-piece RTW collection of vintage-inspired dresses with the assitance of LVMH menswear style director Nadia Jones.

    The collection will be released in June, in Harvey Nichols for the the UK, Shopbop for the US, and at Lucy at Disguise both in store and online. Take a look at some of their pre-release sketches below! View Post

    Westfield Shopping Car Boot Fashion Top
    Speaking of things I love, let me interrupt your browsing for a moment to tell you about Westfield London. On the most basic level, it is a mall. In actuality, it is a building that took thirteen million man hours to build, a building that has ninety-six escalators, and over 265 shopping destinations. The concierge team alone has seventy members. It is the Ultimate Mall.

    Today kicked off Westfield’s Car Boot Sale to celebrate London Fashion Week and the launch of A/W 2010. Lily Allen kicked off proceedings ensconced in cream fur and Chanel pumps, while Mary Portas hosted her own Living and Giving car (her stock is INCREDIBLE). Running until the 26th, over 20 Hyundai i20 cars have been hijacked by London’s most sought after brands with something different on offer every day from giveaways to exclusives to styling advice.
    Westfield Shopping Car Boot Fashion
    Let’s take a look, shall we? View Post

    Lily Allen Pregnant FashionRight after Lily Allen revealed she had been impregnated by Sam Cooper, we have found out that she is also preparing to debut her new fashion store Lucy In Disguise with sister Sarah Owen very soon. The preview will be at Vintage at Goodwood next weekend in a pop-up shop that will sit alongside other retro shopping stalls.

    The boutique will open this September near Oxford Street and will showcase Lily’s own wardrobe favourites to rent or buy. Word is there will be everything from tour costumes to flea market finds.

    The idea for the store sprung from Lily’s attempts to curb her clothes hoarding, and the fact that she was forever lending them out to friends and family. Lily has also revealed she has an ethical vision for the store, as she feels that second-hand shopping offers ‘an antidote to the mass consumerism culture of high street shopping.’ It probably won’t be as cheap as your local charity shop, but the fact that you can rent a dress of Lily Allen’s is quite something.