marina diamonds baroque
Mix a little Hoxton Gin with a lot of great music and, thank my lucky stars, you have last night’s delightful debauchery. As previously mentioned, I was invited to Baroque – the new luxury champagne lounge and live music venue – to see Marina and the Diamonds perform six tracks (including her new single ‘How To Be A Heartbreaker’) while shimmying around in two stunning Hasan Hejazi dresses created in honour of the evening. Intermingled with the effects of a few Hoxton Mojito and Hoxton Clover cocktails, it was an unforgettable evening.

Marina said, “I’m so happy to be at Baroque tonight. Hasan was inspired by the venue so it’s called the baroque dress. I always prefer performing in smaller venues as its more personal and I can connect with my audience. So tonight has been perfect!”

marina diamonds baroque
Baroque may be the trend taking over our Autumn/Winter wardrobes, but it is also the name of our latest London haute spot, Baroque Mayfair.

After being invited to a private show from Marina and the Diamonds at the club next month, I was blown away to see this sketch detailing one of two bespoke costumes created for the night. In addition to this baroque-inspired embroidered and corseted piece by Hasan Hejazi, the designer has created an additional unseen dress for his Muse and her exclusive performance.

Hejazi said, “I was inspired by the venue’s title and the idea of designing something couture, luxurious and grand. This fitted the idea of Baroque which also fits perfectly with the look and feel of the venue”. It is going to be a night to remember.

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Marina from Marina & The Diamonds is a lady that I hope doesn’t use a stylist for her day-to-day. Her style is just the right mix of crazy youth and intentional compilation. For this spread in Nylon, she is shot by talented fashion photographer Andrew Yee and styled by Laury Smith yet manages to stay true to image. View Post