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When visiting the city of London, a certain area of the city is the site to many different casinos. The area, known as Mayfair, has understandably led these casinos to be collectively named the “Mayfairs”. Many of the casinos found here are rather historic given their roots and location. In fact, the architectural candy that some of them provide is a sight within itself (helpful really, since all of the casinos in this area have exclusive memberships which require application in order to play their casino games).

Aspinall’s is one of the most popular casinos found in this area. Many who visit here sense a colonial vibe due to the style of décor in which it is decorated. The gaming is spread out over four floors which can be accessed by a beautiful spiral staircase. In comparison to the other Mayfair casinos, Aspinall’s membership guidelines are much less stringent. As expected, dress code is smart (which means no casual clothing permitted) and the casino is open 24 hours each day. Aspinall’s also offers a bar and restaurant which conveniently serves lunch and dinner for gamblers and gambling dabblers alike.

The second casino I often find discussed in the area is Crockford’s. Since its opening in 1828, the club has proclaimed itself to be the world’s oldest private gaming club. While the casino is older, it lacks some of the charm that Aspinall’s can provide. A favourite among friends who play pokies, blackjack and roulette, Maxim’s is another well-known casino within Mayfair’s circumference. While it is a bit further than the other casinos – who are grouped within close proximity – it definitely is one to visit. The casino’s historical structure was constructed in 1862 and, like Aspinall’s, Maxim’s also has a more lenient policy for membership. Generally, it will only take a day for your application to be approved.

Which London casinos have you visited?

marina diamonds baroque
Baroque may be the trend taking over our Autumn/Winter wardrobes, but it is also the name of our latest London haute spot, Baroque Mayfair.

After being invited to a private show from Marina and the Diamonds at the club next month, I was blown away to see this sketch detailing one of two bespoke costumes created for the night. In addition to this baroque-inspired embroidered and corseted piece by Hasan Hejazi, the designer has created an additional unseen dress for his Muse and her exclusive performance.

Hejazi said, “I was inspired by the venue’s title and the idea of designing something couture, luxurious and grand. This fitted the idea of Baroque which also fits perfectly with the look and feel of the venue”. It is going to be a night to remember.

Playboy Funky Buddha Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger

As the daughter of a former Playboy bunny, there is always a pique in my interest regarding the latest and greatest from the glamorous guild.

Last night, Bunnies, tycoons, and celebrity beauties flocked to Mayfair’s Funky Buddha to rub shoulders with newly announced Playmate of the Year, Hope Dworaczyk. Also in attendance were model Kelly Brook and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger (cats versus bunnies!). Mark from The Only Way Is Essex even managed to make it out (and chatted to me about his love for next door’s Nobu), though fellow castmates Amy Childs, Sam Faiers and Harry Derbidge were denied entry (ouch!).

Throughout the night, I was sipping on a ton of Playboy’s new energy drink which is delicious and has no foul acidic aftertaste (looking at you, Red Bull). I even got into a friendly argument with the Oxford Rowing Team defending the sugar free version as the ‘better’ drink. Great night on all accounts!

Playboy Energy Lela London and Charli Beale

PR Queen Charli Beale & I (in enormous heels, believe it or not!)