John Galliano
When the ‘John Galliano got arrested OMG’ wave hit the internet – even trending on Twitter – I tried to steer clear. I didn’t want to propel a rumour that had no grounds. The earliest ‘reports’ claimed Galliano to have assaulted a couple and yell anti-semitic remarks at them during a dinner at Paris’ La Perle, ending in criminal arrest.

After the initial (sans evidence) reaction, eyewitness accounts have confirmed that none of the above happened. Instead, they offered memories of an inebriated and joyful Galliano who raised a glass to toast with friends, causing a couple nearby to mistake him for a vagrant and reply “…you’re ugly, you’re disgusting, move away from here”! Galliano reacted with: “You’re ugly and you’re (sic) f*cking bag is ugly too” – hardly an anti-semitic remark. In the bag’s honour, the woman’s boyfriend charged at Galliano. Neither was hurt, as John’s bodyguard and the staff at the restaurant intervened. Following the altercation, police arrived and Galliano went to police headquarters to make an official statement (note: no handcuffs involved).

Galliano has been suspended from his professional duties at Dior pending an official police investigation, and no-one currently knows if the scheduled March 4th Fall/Winter collection will go on as planned. It’s not an endearing story, but it certainly is a harmless lesson to learn. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Olivia Wilde Golden Globes 2011
The Golden Globes were pretty impressive this year; even the bad dresses were good. Third favourite? Olivia Wilde in Marchesa and Christian Louboutin. Clashing and unapologetic as an ensemble should ever be. Now for first and second! View Post

Paradise Lost Dafne Cejas
If you haven’t heard, all of the world is now completely done with 2010. Poor year. Though your favourite fashion blog is less than a year old, I think it’s only right to share the best spread of the year with you. Looking back over hundreds of ‘favourites’, the shoot that really stood out was “Paradise Lost” from V Magazine #65. One of the many reasons I obsess over this spread is because the two ‘featured’ people are unbelievablly underrated. First we have model Dafne Cejas, a game-changer that has one of the most skilled and transformational portfolios of the decade. Then, the sensational Sebastian Faena; a photographer that can produce exquisite memories. The collaboration between the two produce images that are secretly sinister, with silhouettes that seem otherworldly. Beauty that isn’t thrown in your face is always chief.

P.S. Happy New Year! View Post