modern red carpet
Seeing black on the red carpet is as predictable as seeing a hamburger in McDonalds. Though it may be the most universally flattering colour, the ‘wow factor’ that red carpet events call for usually goes amiss when donning the dark. Personally, I would prefer to see black used creatively on the red carpet; a) not head to toe and b) with a very small but very bright injection of colour. Someone call Jennifer Lawrence, I have some ideas…

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High neck shift dress from MissesDressy
Neon snake hees from Kelsi Dagger

iron man 3 premiere
I am very fortunate that whatever stars needed to align to help my hard work pay off have done so, but I am often still surprised at the mind-blowing opportunities that end up coming my way.

Case in point: I just spent last Thursday at the London premiere for Iron Man 3 as Skype’s Red Carpet Presenter.

When I was asked to do so, I did the knee-jerk reaction e-mail check (is this a real email?) and then spent a few moments staring at my iPad before rocking a rather insane looking grin. (Sorry, everyone at Laduree in Covent Garden who had to witness that.)

I may be a print/digital journalist, but it has been a massive pipe dream of mine to segue into broadcast journalism. Thursday’s premiere was that elusive open door.

From the oh-so-unglamorous yet thoroughly entertaining press pen I got was able to canoodle with Drew Pearce, Samantha Barks, Don Cheadle, Sir Ben Kingsley, and – eventually – Iron Man himself, Mr. Robert Downey Jr.

The film is brilliant. My life is brilliant. You are brilliant. Thank you for all of your support, everyone.

(And thank you to Uber for getting me around town through all the prep, The Pretty Dress Company for the incredibly comfortable and beautiful ‘Atlanta’ dress, and Molly at Daniel Galvin for perfect red carpet hair which the gale-force winds refused to let me get a great photograph of!).

iron man 3 premiere
iron man 3 premiere
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Instagram Blog
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asos red carpet
To celebrate a new slew of red carpet-themed games, Ladbrokes recently challenged me to create a red carpet look based on ASOS items alone. Naturally, the first thing that came to mind was an homage to Angelina’s Leg.

In addition to the leg and its many wannabes at the 2013 Golden Globes, I opted for something in the trendsetting colour from the Globes: black. Because I was not predispositioned with the sky-high-leg gene like Miss Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, I paired the maxi dress and its thigh-high split with a pair of 5.5-inch ASOS Peace platforms with a tonal heel. To finish it off? A pair of plexi-looking brooch spike earrings. For under £100, you couldn’t get much more on-trend!

asos red carpet
asos red carpet

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games Premiere
Along with the rest of the world, I am developing a complete girlcrush on Jennifer Lawrence. Therefore, when her first Hunger Games red carpet appearance coincided with some beautiful makeup artistry, it screamed “TUTORIAL!” to me. Naturally.

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