no makeup
I have come across a new pill with big promises, ladies and gentleladies. Meet Colladeen Visage – a supplement that promises to reduce wrinkles, improve elasticity and even provide an internal SPF of 10 (yes, by swallowing a pill).

Now, I am pretty strict with my skincare regime, so I’m not going to claim this is a miracle ‘after’ photo you’re seeing. The photo above is a hi-res snap of my face after washing it. (Excuse the leftover flakey mascara and yellow tint from my ceiling light, I wanted it to be completely unedited). I may not have been covered in wrinkles or blemishes beforehand, but before I started taking Colladeen Visage, my rosacea-pronce face never looked this calm, smooth, and bright post-wash.

So, on the surface, it is anti-ageing and SPF in a pill. When I dug a little deeper, I realised it was doing a lot more. Containing only plant-sourced ingredients, Super Skinheroes like anthocyanadins and carotenoid lutein (the properties that protect plants from sun damage) work overtime, even helping to reduce water retention and spider veins.

At only £18.95 for 60 tablets (which will last you a month), this one is added to my monthly must-haves.

Tube bikini? Red bikini? Yellow polka-dot bikini? Thong bikini? (Please, no.) Here are my Summer 2011 picks for your beautiful, hopefully SPF-ed, bodies!

Best of Bikinis

1 – A pink and purple ruffled bandeau to bring the colour out of paler skin!
2 – This figure flattering bikini with a sash cuts you in the right places for the illusion of a flatter tummy!
3 – It may not be yellow, but this red and white polka dot push up bikini is just as song-worthy!
4 – White bandeau with ruffles? Your perfect tan could not be better complimented.
5 – Scared to bare the belly? This zebra-print monokini is as sexy as the rest!
6 – With removable straps, this Betsey Johnson bow bikini is playful and versatile!
7 – For the accessory girl; a bikini with starfish hardware.
8 – Looking for a boost to your chest? This sun-coloured bandeau will create curves and beach-confidence!
9 – Thinking Dita von Teese in a bikini? Check out this burlesque beach bikini. (My favourite!)