river island high summer 2013
On a rather ridiculously rainy day last week I headed over to the River Island press showroom to take a look at their upcoming High Summer 2013 collection. The sneak peak was dominated by the Pacha range – alongside looks from the mainline women’s and men’s summer collections – and on the whole was, I believe, the closest thing London would ever get to Ibiza in February.

Dance-offs happened on glittered floors (proof), oversized jewellery sparkled under the sunshine (ahem, great lighting), a high waisted bikini hopped on the hitlist, and the delight – as always – was in the details. Lust you, RI.

river island high summer 2013
river island high summer 2013
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louis vuitton ss13 checkerboard
When Louis Vuitton‘s Spring/Summer 2013 checkerboard print descended down its Parisian escalators, each look was met with mixed reviews. Though there may be an absence of chess fans in the fashion community, it – natch – took two point five seconds to trickle down to the high street as a trend.

That, my lovelies, means you can now follow in the checkered footsteps of Kristen Stewart, Kerry Washington, and Jessica Alba…for less. Here are a few of my favourite pre-season picks:

1. Mika Checkerboard Dress, £19
2. Richard Nicoll bustier dress, £49 (rental)
3. Bolongaro Trevor Tala dress, £97
4. Marc Jacobs Prussian Blue skirt, £164
5. Kelly Wearstler Alo Sheath Dress, £100
6. Checkerboard socks, £3.50 (or 3 for £8)

m and s ss13
The Great British High Street is ready to deliver for Spring/Summer 2013, mon cheres. Last week, I made a pit stop at the SS13 press day for M&S and was very pleasantly surprised. With micro collections dubbed under a range of monikers from ‘Doll’s House’ (which looks, endearingly, like Mad Men mixed with a sweet shop) to ‘Print Fusion’ to ‘Urban Utility’, the high street giant have compiled an extensively trend-led compilation of affordable pieces.

Standout pieces include a pair of must-have nude plexi heels (see below) as well as a bevy of vintage-inspired lingerie paired with modern garment technology, including Rosie Huntington’s super successful lingerie collaboration. Lust.

ms press day ss13
m and s ss13
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jena theo ss13
We have finally made it to my final show of London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013! Let’s say farewell with a bang, shall we?

Jena.Theo rocked out with their collection – ‘Hell’s Angel’ – on the final day of fash madness to tell the story of a woman and her relationship to the environment. In particular, the duo wished to allude to Arthopoda (a large phylum of invertebrae animals that include insects, spiders, and crustacean). Thankfully, they left the multi-legged creatures and claws at home and replaced them with an earthy and alluring collection of wearable prints; favourites including light outlines of skulls, snakes, and hand-rendered tattoos.

By the time the glass beading rolled out, we had already been enamoured with buttery leathers, the ebb and flow of delicate organzas, spun silks, and a phenomenal ombre dress made of premium Japanese denim. I know very few women who wouldn’t pine for a piece of this collection.

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tata naka ss13
If there was absolutely anything that could cure the effects of a Mad Men detox, Tata Naka‘s Spring/Summer 2013 collection would be it.

As always, the designers opted for a presentation as opposed to a fashion ‘show’ – this season set up like a 1950s pool party. For a few hours a handful of bombshell-styled models (including the wonderful Hanna Hultberg) reclined around a makeshift pool and hand-painted deckchairs wearing classic retro silhouettes…with a twist. Instead of a pencil skirt, Tata Naka introduced us to the pencil skirt with embellished sheer panelling. Instead of a playsuit, Tata Naka introduced us to a cut-out sleeve playsuit with a separated collar.

With clashing shows I wasn’t able to photograph every look, so I urge you to check Tata Naka’s Facebook for the full collection. Apologies to your wallet in advance.

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