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I have found myself using Leicester Square’s Hippodrome as a meeting point for Central London excursions for over ten years, but had never stepped inside until last week.

The reason for my atypical attendance? The famous casino’s restaurant – Heliot Steakhouse – was announced as Bookatable users’ ‘Best Steak Restaurant in London‘ and I was far too intrigued to spend another year on the outside.

Though I’m not a gambler (a few minutes on Betway online casino taught me that I am far too clumsy to play with fate), I endorse everyone getting out of their comfort zone for the sake of culinary adventure.

Naturally, the stakes were high.

(Steak pun totally intended.)

Overlooking the casino from its crown of a restaurant, we clinked glasses and oogled an intensely atmospheric gaming floor whilst feasting like there was no tomorrow. Or, more appropriately, like we would lose all of our money before tomorrow.

The main draw of Heliot was, obviously, their flame-grilled steaks: all USDA Prime three-year-old, grain-fed beef aged for a minimum of four weeks. We’re talking seriously perfect protein proviso.

Starting with smoked salmon (served with rye bread & lemon butter) and tender ponzu-sauced beef tataki (a dish I could eat every day of my life), we took all of ten minutes to clear our plates in anticipation of our mains.

For myself? The Surf & Turf – a handful of medium-rare USDA fillet (the best I’ve had in London), with fresh scallops and prawn. I might have added a lobster tail. Because duh.

For The Boy? An equally flawless fillet – medium – served with red wine sauce and a side of impossibly irresistible Millionaire’s Mac & Cheese (a nutmeg-infused blend of gruyere and parmesan, topped with black truffle and a poached duck egg).

Gluttony prevailing, we wrapped things up with a few feeble fork-stabs at a generous cheese board and plate of vanilla ice cream but found ourselves well and truly tapped out.

Will we be back to do it all again? You betcha.

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heliot steakhouse london
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