Christmas Instagram
Instagram (@lelalondon) – left to right, top to bottom:
1. Freezing my eyelashes off in Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.
2. We’re all tucked in.
3. You’re pretty sexy, London.
4. Christmas colours at Trullo.
5. Obsessed. (And therefore broke).
6. A bundle.
7. Job done. Christmas spirit is loud, proud, and bauble-free.
8. Wonderful breakfast with wonderful bloggers and the Fantasy Shopper team.
9. Eating enormous hotdogs in a dress and heels.

Winter Wonderland Vogue China Du Juan
For someone who hates lens flare, I am surprised I like this as much as I do. Vogue China does winter right for the sterile-sounding “Winter Wonderland” in their December issue. Du Juan is an image of chilly perfection thanks to galvanist production of stylist Yi Guo and photographer Richard Ramos. View Post