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I seem to have made an accidental habit of going on a gargantuan food splurge at Yauatcha at the tail end of every Fashion Week.

Only this time, my fashion celebrations coincided with Yauatcha’s 10th birthday celebration.

Throughout September, the Michelin-starred dim sum teahouse have been releasing weekly off-menu celebrations centered around the restaurant’s four points of excellence; the Chinese kitchen, teahouse, patisserie, and cocktails. They began with Executive Head Chef Tong Chee Hwee’s secret Dim Sum Platter, moved onto Senior Bar Manager Eder Neto’s Eight Butterflies green tea (which – while combining cranberry, rose petal and chrysanthemum – quickly became my dream tea), then featured Executive Pastry Chef Graham Hornigold’s secret Pumpkin Caramel (soy caramel puffed rice with roasted pumpkin choux bun filled with pumpkin, vanilla cream and pumpkin compote, with a spiced crunch topping).

Sneaky peak? Starting tomorrow, the final week will introduce an off-menu glass of Bollinger Rosé Champagne served with two miniature jugs of mixers and a micro-cocktail class by the waiter (you can thank Head Wine Buyer Christine Parkinson for this brainwave).

Secrets aside…the meal itself far surpassed my prior experience. Stellar as it was.

For this visit, The Manfriend and I chose to chow at the mercy of our waiter. With a simple request to trial the plates so sublime they could convert a vegetarian, we were presented with a bounty of diverse dim sum delights.

A cacophonous delivery of Chinese delicacy and innovation; lobster dumplings with tobiko caviar, buttery venison puffs, prawn and beancurd Cheung Fun (a drool-inducing revelation), and more. Followed by a hand-carved quarter of Crispy Aromatic Duck with all traditional trimmings, the selection made up a spectacular feast for two.

By this time, we were splitting at the spine, thus decided to accompany our off-menu tea with four handpicked (and rather exemplary) macarons.

If I ever regain my appetite, I shall plan to do it all again.

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yauatcha london
Ten years and a Michelin star past its inception, Yauatcha in Soho finally made its way into my personal calendar.

With the restaurant’s fashionable reputation preceding itself, The Manfriend and I recently settled in to their vibrant basement dining space amped up by the promise of Haute Chinese.

Immediately taken with the long list of dim sum, we cautiously dipped a few slices of picked cucumber in chilli oil while restraining ourselves from screaming “EVERYTHING! GIVE US EVERYTHING!”.

Successful in said restraint, we were happy to have two crispy duck rolls sat down in what could be perceived as the blink of an eye. Though simple in its conception, the duck rolls were packed with tender meat and halved for dippable manageability. I could have easily managed a few more if not for the arrival of two more dim sum delights; the lobster dumpling with ginger, shallot, and tobiko caviar (as moreish as a dumpling could possibly be) followed by a trifecta of Wagyu beef puffs. The latter – a savoury spill of gravy-soaked beef with a light and flaky pastry casing – was the surprise highlight of the meal.

Though I would have been happy to make my way through the rest of the available dim sum, a brief pause was taken to cleanse the palate with a ‘lime and passion iced tea’ (passion fruit, lime, and apple juice with jasmine tea) before our mains arrived.

For The Man? Mongolian style venison with butter and black pepper sauce. For The Femme? A Szechuan seafood and tofu claypot with peanut – the kind that knocks your socks off and makes your partner see tofu in a new light. I enjoyed both dishes greatly but would opt to spend those 40-something pounds on a surplus of dim sum on future visits.

Forgoing a melange of macarons (my go-to) for dessert, we opted for sweet treats that has enticed us earlier in the evening; a green tea choux with hazelnuts, curd, and confit alongside the ‘Raspberry Delice‘ with chocolate brownie, lychee, and hazelnut. As the photography so rightly suggests, we were not disappointed.

Topped off with incredibly attentive and friendly service, it’s not hard to see why Yauatcha has made such a name for itself.

yauatcha london
yauatcha london
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