October 14, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas 2011: Frontcover

Frontcover Style Queen
FrontCover Cosmetics are a favourite of my assistant and almost all of her friends which makes it very peculiar that, until this month, I had never used them!

I have been missing out! I have never been particularly picky about the cost or point of sale of my cosmetics as long as it does what it says on the tin – and FrontCover cosmetics are the prime example of on-the-tin satisfaction.

Frontcover compose their palettes with designer collections in mind, and for Autumn/Winter 2011 they even went as far as to create eyeshadows inspired by materials like taffeta. Each of the fourteen new palettes were of phenomenal quality, and offered unique items such as MAC-esque pigments, beautifully trendy nail kits, or incredible sparkle!

In addition to that, the palette boxes all feature how-to guides that pay homage to glossy magazine covers and make sure to use strictly their own products (you would be surprised how often I have been asked to use different products than advertised on beauty shoots!)

My favourite kit – Style Queen – even came with brushes and an eyelash curler that doesn’t look like a torture device!

I think they would be perfect for the holiday season, and my favourite kit (It. Has. Everything.) is also on special sale this week for only £17! Easily worth over ten times as much in individual product buys.

If you buy some – be sure to show me the looks you create!

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