June 28, 2012

Lush Make-Up: Emotional Brilliance Review

lush makeup
The geniuses over at Lush have finally answered all the addict’s wishes. They’re releasing a make-up line. SQUEE! (…and back to business.)

The range, Emotional Brilliance, is comprised of 30 vegan colour products and is tailored to your personality and psyche. How?

Via “The Emotional Brilliance Colour Wheel” (pictured below), each customer will undergo a personalised colour reading. The wheel will also be available on the Lush website and on an app. To get your reading, you will choose three colours that stand out to you. Each colour has been linked to a word or trait (thanks to a lot of research at Lush HQ) and will reveal your current state of mind.

Colour One (mine was Calm): The colour that represents your current strength or weakness. The trait that should be on your mind.
Colour Two (mine was Ambition): The colour that resonates with your subconcious need – what your subconcious desires the most. You should wear this colour to remind yourself of your goals.
Colour Three (mine was Charm): The colour that represents your talent – the thing that will drive your subconscious needs.

The lip colours, eyeliners, and eyeshadows can be worn for their intended purpose, or even dotted on your wrist to act as an empowering reminder throughout the day.

In addition to the Colour Wheel, Lush will introduce Eyes Right Mascara, Translucent Face Powder, the Feeling Younger Skin Tint (works as a highlighter), and Charisma Skin Tint (works as a glow/subtle contour).

After trying out the products for the photo above, I can promise this line is going to become a cult favourite.

  • The skin tints highlighted and contoured my skin in the most beautiful, subtle way. Feeling Younger is especially pretty around the eyes.
  • The red lipstick, Ambition, has a long-wearing gloss appeal. Even after drinking, it wore down into a pretty red stain.
  • The blue eyeliner, Calm, is incredibly easy to apply and blended well on my hands. It would be a fantastic base colour for eyeshadows.
  • The pink blush, Charm, is actually a lipstick. With just one dot on each cheek, it blended out into a comfortable and doll-like flush of colour.
  • The mascara, Eyes Right, could not clump if you tried. I had low hopes for this product as most natural mascaras that I have tested never do anything special. This baby, however, lengthened and defined my eyelashes like a high-end and chemical-filled tube. Incredible results.

lush makeup
lush emotional brilliance

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