May 23, 2013

The Latest Beauty and Fashion Apps for your Phone

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If you are one of the select few without a smartphone permanently glued to their palm then I suggest you take a look at the the likes of the samsung galaxy s4 (my latest obsession) and the iPhone and get purchasing, pronto. While I have a knack to obsess over any app that can make my life a bit more simple, I believe that as fashion and beauty lovers we have a app advantage once we are matched to the right mobile.

When it comes to our hair, technology has pretty much abolished the need for thumbing through magazines to find that perfect cut and colour (as we all did less than 10 years ago). Now, if you need a re-style on your next salon trip all you need is Bangstyle. This free app lets you browse live portfolios to help you find the right stylist for you. With instant access to the latest hairstyles straight from the salon and the ability to locate your nearest hairdressers you have access to much more than a pile of outdated hair magazines could ever offer.

Fortunately this type of app is not limited to hairstyles. When it comes to injecting some life into your wardrobe Stylebook is rated highly amongst the fashion community because it allows users to upload photos of all their clothes and organise their wardrobe (Cher in Clueless, anyone?). In addition to this you can track the trends of your favourite outfits so you can see how on fashionable you really are. A total wardrobe changer.

If you’re still in a fashion dilemma, previously web-based app Polyvore is the answer. You can instantly access the styles that are currently popular without spending hours searching personal fashion blogs with no luck; once you find what want you can mix and match clothes to produce your own shoppable outfit.

If your make-up is also in need of an overhaul, this last app has you covered. We all know the feeling of rediscovering make up at the bottom of a vanity case and being unsure whether to re-use it, so the smartypantsed team behind Check Your Cosmetics created an app to inform you whether it is still safe to use. With over 50 brands currently registered to the system, all it takes is the input of the batch code and you instantly receive the safety information you need.

Now you know what’s on offer and how easy it is to enhance your daily fashion and beauty experience, there really is no excuse to be the only one of your girlfriends with aesthetic stress. Enjoy, beauties.

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