October 20, 2015

Travel Blog: Geneva, Switzerland

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For over ten years my last memory of Geneva held strong as a hazy visual from the rear window of my father’s rental car as we sped down the Alps. It marked the end of my first-ever skiing holiday and my inevitable return has since become long overdue.

A lifetime between memories, Geneva completely stole my heart.

Over my recent short-but-sweet stay at the InterContinental Geneve (full review coming later this week!), I had one day to take in as much of the city as I could and managed to fill all of my memory cards while I was at it.

Click through to watch me turn on the iconic Jet d’Eau, visit Laurent Ferrier’s incredible atelier, eat an unbelievably delicious lunch, and explore the beautiful streets of Geneva (there’s even a travel vlog kicking around!)…

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In a strange turn of events, I was invited to switch the city’s iconic water fountain – Jet d’Eau – on in the morning. Having only ever seen the fountain from afar, I spent the first hour of my day touring the underground facilities before delighting the crowds with the press of a secured green button.

With over five hundred litres of water hitting heights of 140 metres each second, it might just top the charts as the best ‘rise and grind’ of my life thus far.

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In collaboration with Laurent Ferrier, InterContinental Geneve have launched their “Secret of the City” (a group-wide Insider Experience campaign urging authentic and bespoke local experiences) in the most gloriously Swiss way. Bringing the art of watchmaking to life for its guests, the hotel’s bespoke experience takes you to the heart of the Laurent Ferrier’s atelier and, essentially, lets you play watchmaker for the day.

During my visit I was able to get personal with the brand, try my hand at the incredibly intricate (slash impossible) craft of watchmaking, and fall in lust with their elegantly mechanical collections. Click with my word of warning – you’re going to want to get your credit card out.

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Having built up quite the appetite, I returned to the hotel for the tastiest part of the experience – lunch at The Woods. The restaurant’s dynamic and seasonal menus aren’t all that long but spoil you for choice; I ended up starting with the impossibly fresh sea bream tartare, moving on to the walnut-stuffed guinea fowl (a menu of the day special served with potato, honey glazed turnip, green chard & tarragon sauce), and finishing with the pastry chef’s stunning watchmaking-inspired dessert (specially created for the Insider Experience).

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In hopes of walking off my indulgences, I then met up with heart-meltingly passionate tour guide Gianna Loredan for a walking tour of the city.

Naturally, this is where my camera got its workout.

Warming up with a visit to the largest mechanical clock in the world (designed by Jean Kaz├Ęs at the Hotel Cornavin), we spent the rest of the day skimming the sidewalks of some of the most beautiful streets in existence. Having trekked across the Mont Blanc bridge to L’horloge fleurie and beyond, I think it is safe to say Geneva and I are now going steady.

Just look at her.

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