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Over the next two months I will not only endure my first bike race but my first 5k. Naturally, I’m spending much more time working out – running, hot yoga-ing, dancing, and everything in between-ing.

But while I love a good post-workout walk to stretch everything out, I don’t love wearing gym clothes ‘out and about’. These pieces have been my style-conscious happy medium: incredibly comfortable but cute enough to pull off a warm down through Kensington Gardens. So much so I’ve allowed myself an outfit post at my most dishevelled.

What I Wore:
Hoodie, leggings and shoes – all Converse from JD Sports
Handbag from Kenneth Cole

converse fashion blog
converse fashion blog

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On most travellers’ bucket lists, you will find a destination that seems displaced from the rest. Mine was Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. It was Puerto Vallarta for over ten years. While my bucket list has been built on emphatic reasoning, Puerto Vallarta found its way to the top on little more than The Night of the Iguana and a few temperamental years studying Spanish (or, more realistically, watching the soap opera Destinos in Spanish class).

Last month, I finally made it to the Bahía de Banderas.

The Puerto Vallarta food tour may have been my personal highlight, but it was running against some fierce competition…

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In every blogger’s life there comes a moment where you recommend something so much in your daily life, a blog almost writes itself. Case in point: Farmdrop.

In their own words, they are “on a mission to fix the food chain”. In mine, they deliver the most ethical, responsibly-sourced and – most importantly – delicious food straight to your door.

While most people are aware their supermarket food purchases do little for the farmers providing the produce (let alone the environment or our bodies), very little has come along to revolutionise our food shopping until Farmdrop. Unlike massive chains, the online grocery store (or sorts) leave their farmers and foodmakers with 70-75% of the retail price for their hard work by cutting out the middle-man. This means the process is not only better, but faster – leaving you with ingredients five times fresher than supermarkets.

By supporting local producers and their sustainable values, a shop with Farmdrop (zero emission electric vans, reusable thermal packaging, et al) offers you the smartest and healthiest shop available.

Bar perhaps owning expansive dairy, meat, and veg farms of your own.

While this is not a paid endorsement (, I did contact Farmdrop to let them know I wanted to spread the love and they’ve very kindly offered you all a discount code – REVOLUTIONLELA – which gives you a massive £20 off a £40+ shop (the code is only valid until the 12th of May so be sure to use it asap)!

Don’t forget to let me know what you think and what you order – I’ve included my most recent shop, below, for inspiration!

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overnight oats
Health food is not a term many of us find synonymous with pleasure. Chocolate? Sweets? Chips? Sure. Quinoa? Linseed? Guarana? Not so much.

Fortunately, the former can be manipulated by the latter and I take real pleasure finding healthy dupes and food swaps for naughty eats and treats.

Having recently received a titanic Holland and Barrett food haul, I figured it would be the perfect time to share my healthy dupe snacking expertise alongside a few all-time favourite kitchen cupboard essentials:

CocoPro High Protein Coconut Water – This coconut water is thicker, creamier, and more protein-packed than its pure alternative yet offers all the same natural benefits alongside 20g of gold standard of protein and vitamin C (with no added sugar!). A health and hydration hero.

Cashews – Natural, unsalted cashews are the perfect snack for food grazers. They are packed with magnesium, calcium, and monounsaturated fats (which reduce high triglyceride levels associated with heart disease) and are one of very few nuts that will fill you up after a small handful.

Oat-ly Milk – My body is not a huge fan of traditional dairy, so I combine the ‘Milk’ with organic oats, golden linseed and chia seeds each evening for perfect overnight oats (you simply top with fruit/nuts to serve). In y opinion, Oat-ly is the tastiest plant-based ‘milk’ and also contains healthy oat fibre.

RJs Natural Licorice (Raspberry) – I have a horrible love affair with Twizzlers (which are packed with chemicals and are altogether absolutely terrible for you), but find one piece of all-natural RJs kicks the craving. They are addictive but the bag lasts forever.

Grenade Carb Killa & Beyond Dark 70 Dark Chocolate Drops – Chocolate lovers, rejoice. Of these two terrific treats, the ‘drops’ are a purist’s dream while the unprocessed and fibre-heavy Carb Killa protein bar manages to rack up only 1.5 grams of sugar and 214 calories with chocolate and caramel.

Eat Real Quinoa Chips (Sour Cream & Chives) – Healthy crisps and chips are often ruled by veggie varieties, but these quinoa chips are so tasty they could convert the inconvertable. As well as offering quinoa’s natural benefits (protein and all nine essential amino acids), they are also vegan friendly and gluten-free.

Whole Earth Wake Up Coffee – I drink a lot of herbal tea (easy/tasty/healthy) but go weak at the knees for a great cup of coffee. Unfortunately, I have zero barista skills and a strong dislike for all things “instant coffee”. This natural coffee alternative, however, features guarana extract for a natural pick-me-up and tastes like rich Italian espresso.

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amba marble arch
Though my blog will forever and always be my ‘happy place’, I have been dealing with an exceptionally tough year behind the screen. From ongoing surgeries to unexpected losses, 2015 has been as trying as it has been wonderful.

As a silver linings kind of woman, however, I like to focus on the wonderful.

Having enjoyed the Amba Charing Cross so much during my last London staycation, I thought it would be a great idea to book in at the new Amba Marble Arch for a weekend of Christmas shopping, relaxation, and spa treatments.

Nestled straight off of Oxford Street, the new hotel may not have the unique charm of Charing Cross’ iconic architecture but could genuinely not be in a more convenient location for shopping, eating, and entertainment.

That, and the brand’s hyper-digital offering (you may remember me swooning over their complimentary iPads in a previous post) is as seamless and savvy as ever. After a long and festive afternoon through Soho, I returned to my lovely little room to be greeted by a toothbrush (requested by their “Oops, I forgot my…” app as I left) and a surprise assiette of desserts.

The rest of the evening consisted of a dinner catch-up in bed with one of my best friends, a complete clear-out of the Nespresso facilities, and a stream of movies so ridiculously bad I daren’t name them. As far as ‘wonderful’ is concerned, it was the real deal.

After waking up and getting ready for the day (pausing to revel in the heated, steamless bathroom mirrors), we spent the rest of our morning enjoying the gargantuan breakfast selection at The Grill and drinking far too many cups of tea before parting ways.

The final stop on my staycation was fast approaching.

During a recent browse on Red Letter Days I had spotted that my all-time favourite spa (The Spa at Dolphin Square) was offering an insane deal through their pamper day packages and couldn’t quite book it fast enough.

After a short tube ride to Pimlico, I made my way to the spa’s stunning Moroccan-style chambers and spent the next three hours being hammamed, massaged, steamed, and herbal tea-ed to complete tranquility. Very few ‘holiday’ spa experiences have evet come close to Dolphin Square’s.

Staycation of dreams, this one.

amba marble arch
amba marble arch
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