what to pack for thailand

What to Wear in Thailand

I’ve got a vlog for you, babefaces. Though I am technically now in Thailand, I filmed this little holiday-themed ‘What’s In My Bag’ last week and have inserted the video (as well as the links to all featured products) below.

As I mentioned in the video, I didn’t want to overload you with past-season fashion purchases so have also compiled the inspiration board as follows:

Shoes that slip on and off easily
You will only need trousers and sleeved tops when visiting temples, you

For the more conservative beach babe: The black first point Maillot from Marysia Swim
For the sunbather’s uniform: The adjustable halter bikini in Xadrez from Saltresortwear
For your cameras, tablets, sunscreens, et al: The Canvas leather backpack from KateCo.
For everyday comfort: The cream textured top from Splendid
For your temple visits (where you have to wear trousers and sleeved tops): Floral silk trousers from Alice + Olivia
For silky style that doesn’t stop: The Cobolt leopard shorts from Help Me
For something a tad more ‘dressed up’: The textured skater skirt from Oasap
For good-lookng hair and skin protection: The pink wide-brim hat from Light in the Box

clothes in thailand
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ford fiesta black
With or without the accidental Marilyn moment, the Ford Fiesta Zetec S Black Edition makes for one beautiful photo (or three).

I spent the last week playing ‘Top Gear’ with one and it was an absolute treat. At the end of last year, Ford released two new editions – black and red – to add to their Fiesta Zetec S catalogue. For your viewing pleasure, I have reviewed the gorgeous little eco racer on video (so click that red play button below!).

This might be the most financially-threatening blog hobby to date.

ford fiesta black
ford fiesta black

view from the shard
I’m not sure any view of London is better than The View From The Shard. Even a helicopter ride would have trouble competing.

On a slightly nippy night in December, The Manfriend and I decided to play tourist and zoom sixty-nine floors into London’s skyline for a glass of bubbles. Natch.

Having visited the Empire State building at the start of our courtship, our expectations weren’t set all that high (views of a major city = pushy, camera phone-wielding crowds in my mind) but knew we would enjoy the ‘scene’ at the very least.

After ascending 800ft, our minds were blown. The 360-degree view is more breathtaking than words could do justice. With London’s major landmarks the size of Monopoly pieces beneath us, our small lift-riding group of four fell silent the second the city came into periphery.

Check out our full experience in the Youtube video, below!

– Go on a clear day or night to ensure you see the full 40 mile stretch.
– For crowd control, head straight up to floor 72 when you step out of the final lift as the majority will start on 69 and discover the staircase to floor 72 later on.
– Turn your flash off if you’re taking photos.
– Though we went at night (and it was stunning), I would recommend a time slot near sunset to get the best of both worlds.
– The View From The Shard is open-air, so dress for the weather.
– Go to the toilet (the video will explain all).

the mean reds
Holy vlog, guys and dolls! It is time for another look inside my brain, your brain, and the fictional brain of Miss Holly Golightly.

The Mean Reds: how we get ’em and how to deal, below (rather casually and beautifully filmed on the Hudl2). Enjoy!

life in leeds
I have experienced something of a learning curve while adjusting to life in Leeds.

Not to spoil my latest vlog (below) or anything, but now that I am ten months in, I thought it would be a good idea to employ the most Yorkshire-y Yorkshireman I know to help me share the lessons learned.

…you’ll learn how to speak Yorkshire ‘n’ all, petal.