Not too long ago, Giraffe sent me on a whirlwind food tour of Athens to celebrate the introduction of some incredible Greek dishes to their new menu; falafels, olives, halloumi, feta, tzatziki, hummus, et al!

I was privileged to have the incredible Johanna (of FoodJunkie) by my side to introduce me to Athens and the best Greek food it has to offer.

Enjoy the results – photos, adventures, and vlog – below!


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jerez travel blog
In my adult life, I have been nothing more than neutral when it comes to sherry. Though my experience has been limited, I’ve had a few objectively nice dry sherries and my fair share of sickly sweet dulce sherries that have made me crave a stomach pump.

This made an immersive invite from the world’s best-selling Fino, Tio Pepe, an necessary expedition.

If getting to know a sherry of such stature (quite literally from the ground up) couldn’t make me a sherry fan, nothing would.

To Jerez!

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lanzarote day two 3
There are work trips and there are werk trips. The following three day adventure in Lanzarote with Thomas Cook Airlines – a blogger trip alongside a pack of fellow talented digital types – proved to be the latter in no time at all.

Within three days, strangers became friends, standing on top of an active volcano became a reality, and my misconceptions of Lanzarote (as a ‘party destination’) became a distant thought.

But you’ll have to keep reading to find out why…

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lanzarote day one 3-1

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leaning tower of pisa
I cannot remember a time when I didn’t know what The Leaning Tower of Pisa was. It is as engrained as my penchant for all things unicorn.

When our trip through Venice and Florence drew to a close, The Boy and I’s most convenient airport – Pisa – created an opportunity to make a day of the city and “see the sights”.

To put it nicely, Pisa threw me for a loop.

After hopping off the train and storing our luggage, we set off by foot for the Leaning Tower and everything we could discover in between. Which turned out to be…not a lot. A few gelateries, a few more closed restaurants, and very little otherwise.

The best find, naturally, was a local coffee shop – Filter – bustling with local students and set far enough away from The Tower that it felt untainted by the cons of tourism.

Thankfully, The Leaning Tower exceeded expectations. With its highest point set twelve feet off its vertical, the ‘lean’ really takes your breath away in person. We wandered the Square of Miracles, savoured the cake-tiered architecture, and people-watched until an adequate number of visitors fell into hysterics over their companions’ attempts to support the infamous structure.

If it is as easy for you to fly out of Pisa as it is a different airportI would recommend a day trip but wouldn’t advise adding it to a time-sensitive itinerary. Realistically, there are an abundance of cultured, unique and charming (read: better) Italian cities to explore.

Tip: Ride the sign-posted bus to the airport from the train station. Google Maps would suggest the journey s walkable but the airport – like many – is not designed for easy pedestrian access.

leaning tower of pisa
leaning tower of pisa
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