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Donna Margherita: when a restaurant is so good you’re scared to write the review for fear you’ll never get a table again.

Where do I even begin?

Donna Margherita doesn’t look like anything special from the street. Without an insider tip, I would have passed it without a second thought.

It would have been a real mistake.

Donna Margherita is personified in Gabriele Vitale – its owner, Head Chef, and authentic-as-they-come Italian. From the second my dinner date and I sat down, Gabriele flooded us with warmth, excitement, and a menu so genuinely Neopolitan we couldn’t help but order a little bit of everything.

Honestly, if the food wasn’t so incredible I’d probably go for the family feels alone.

Over the course of a few hours, we indulged in freshly-baked Focaccia (smothered in their house Sicilian olive oil & balsamic vinegar), Gaetan l’aulive, fried polenta, bruschetta, the world’s best aubergine parmigiana, an al dente pasta to rival the freshest of south Italy, and quite honestly the best margherita pizza I have ever had the pleasure of tasting…

Quality tomatoes, mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, parmesan and fresh basil folded like it would be in Napoli. Simple. And fiercely delicious.

Intoxicated by the kitchen’s continually fresh aromas (ones you could likely smell from 100 feet away), it seemed sensible to honour the restaurant’s incredibly broad wine menu with savoured sips of Albente Feudi Di San Gregorio which – like Donna Margherita – is world-class yet modest to potential fault.

Take everyone you know. And tell Gabriele I sent you.

donna margherita london
donna margherita london
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It’s not often that I spend my evenings in Soho basements, but things may change with the arrival of B-Soho to the ‘hood.

The cocktail bar and pizzeria mash-up opened it’s doors at 21 Poland Street just this week and they already boast a reputation that packs Londoners to the walls each evening. With a loft-like aesthetic and a runway of lights leading you from the windows to the bar on the top floor (restaurant is underground), they have knowingly created a picture-perfect venue in one of the most foodie-littered areas of London.

It is not all lights and hype, either. With a menu based around thirteen 12″ pizzas, the restauranteurs have flown Neapolitan-born chef Raffaele Medaglia in to lead the talented team’s use of their hand-built fine Italian Forno Tradizionale Napolitano brick oven. By cooking their pizzas at 450c for just 90 seconds, their quality recipes and ingredients create a thin crust pizza that has the – and I don’t use this word lightly – perfect dichotomy of crunchy and chewy. As a woman who typically eats the toppings off of the pizza base, I found B-Soho’s version impossible to leave behind.

At the table, we had mixed orders of the Don Piccante (spicy salami, mozzarella, and tomato, £9) and Don Alberto (pesto, ham, mozzarella, and tomato, £8) while all indulging in Tagliere Misto (a mixed slection of cured meats and cheeses, £8) as a starter. My personal choice was the Don Rocca pizza (buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomato, rocket, and prosciutto crudo, £11) which – alongside a few glasses of Trebbiano Rubicone – was the cherry on top of a light, moreish, and perfectly composed meal.

Big praise for B-Soho: the best pizza I have tried in London to date.

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