Gucci Fall Winter 2011
Gucci owes a lot to designer Frida Giannini. It is strange and beautiful that the 1970s suiting could procure such a seamless Carmen Sandiego semblance. The well-dressed women of future Fall fashion are going to love the pussy bow ties and rich hues a la Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2011. I could try and sum it up as ‘Gangster Bohemia’, but the Faye Dunaway inspiration made it feel to enigmatic to be categorized. See the top five looks below! View Post

Tracy Reese Fall Winter 2011
Tracy Reese said her collection was inspired by “a shot of metallic, antique copper and silver, or a vibrant pop of raspberry, aqua or amber. Breathing new life into muted neutral tones of toffee, black, brown and gray.” This is a purely accurate summary. It was laissez-faire meets Funkytown Bohemia, with blatant fur-inspiration from some older Oscar de la Renta collections. Every look – to me – felt like the individual exhibition of different, fabulous women I am inspired by (sartorially and personally). Top marks. Check out the top five looks below! View Post

Want to getting a little R&R where “Sex and the City” meets “Brideshead Revisited“? Check out myhotel Chelsea.

Less than a thirty-second walk off of Fulham Road‘s eastern end you will find a pastel-lit hotel that almost disappears into it’s surroundings. With a platform-soled step into the lobby, I was set up for one of the most relaxing visits imaginable. The entire design of the hotel is very fresh, with the idea of being a “comfortable bohemia“.

It is an informal enclave with only 45 rooms, each as glamorous as the last. I must mention that the upgrade to a suite is completely worth it. My Queen Suite was a just-pink-enough, eclectic setting that I just didn’t want to leave. As well as all the standard amenities, the hotel has teamed up with the BeeKind Collection for their toiletries (which, let’s be honest, we all obsess over) which were luxurious, skin-friendly formulations in environmentally kind packaging.

I spent the afternoon writing up a storm thanks to their instant wireless setup – after picking out an in-house film in the guest-only library for my background music -, had a champagne cocktail or two at mybar (I highly recommend Honey Bunny and Disco Fizz!), and then went fifteen minutes down the road to the fantastic Sophie’s Steakhouse for dinner. When you stay at myhotel Chelsea, you have to visit Sophie’s. Their Chateaubriand is – with no endorsement – the best steak in London. Follow it up with a raspberry and white chocolate creme brulee with one of their enormous spicy cocktails and you may just need a taxi back.

I must admit, I was preaching the gospel of their 24-hour room service as soon as I got back. When a fashionista has consumed about seventy-billion flavours in a few hours, losing her toothbrush is an endemic crisis. Thankfully, after a quick call to reception, a lovely man essentially teleported to my room, Gilchrist & Soames in hand. The staff as a whole were fantastic, all decked out in uniforms designed by Nicholas Oakwell, with mix and match Pringle separates and perma-smiles on their faces.

One great quirk the hotel offers is “mypreferences” – a form that is issued during the time of reservation which lets you pick specific choices; from the type of pillow you would like to the kind of music that should greet you when you arrive in your room. No muzak here.

Though I didn’t get to try them out, two great places for your hotel well-being are their “Energy Zone” (a fully stocked fitness suite) and “Jinga” (the treatment haven that combines Eastern healing and Western products). La Vie Boheme.