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Spa of The Day/Week/Month goes to The Chelsea Day Spa, ladies and gentlerladies. Though I visited their original branch on Kings Road a few years back, I took a trip to their Hollywood branch (53 Hollywood Road) last week for a rather luxurious sampling of their ‘Detox Diva‘ package.

A world apart from diet or fitness detoxes (which usually have me pining for a bit of physical therapy), this package has to me the most enjoyable ‘detox’ I have ever endured. The first part of the treatment is a collagen-boosting and dehydration-quenching HydroPeptide Facial which sloughs and buffs away your dead skin before embarking on a lymphatic drainage facial to soothe puffiness and reveal your super-fresh skin underneath. Having sensitive skin, the number of steps in the facial did cause a bit of redness, but after thirty minutes or so I looked like this with no makeup. No complaints.

The second part of the treatment is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage, a sleep-inducing experience where a special blend of detox oils are massaged over your body to relieve aching muscles and cleanse the body from overindulgence and – ahem – hangovers.

Detox Diva is priced at £150 (usually £200) for two hours. Head to The Chelsea Day Spa for more information!

Beach Body
Finally – some sun! I have been back in London just under a week and have spent all but one day in traditional British Summer weather (rain and/or cold and/or wind). When the lovely people at The Chelsea Day Spa invited me to test out some new technology in tanning, you better believe my unwillingly sun-detoxed skin was wailing “yes! yes! yes!”.

Said technology? The Vita Liberata tan. Organic and paraben free, the nourishing spray tan takes about ten minutes to be applied and can deliver anything from a light glow to a Hawaii-esque colour.

Unfortunately, even after waiting twenty minutes longer than I had scheduled after the tan, I had to brave a monsoon-like Kings Road upon leaving. Any spray-tan alumni will know that you should never exercise/swim/shower for roughly 8 hours after your treatment or you will become streaky and patchy.

Cue Lela London running – braless – down the street as the top layer of her tan is literally running down her arms and legs onto both her dress and Balenciaga city bag. Even better? The drippy hour-long commute that followed. I thought it was over. I was mentally planning a wardrobe of full bodysuits for the week ahead.

Miraculously, as I toweled off and rubbed tons of moisturiser in roughly two hours later, the streaks disappeared. Vita Liberata not only turned into a stunning glow that was complimented multiple times over the next few days, but it didn’t streak in a rainstorm. Miracle treatment.

Luckily, The Chelsea Day Spa has combined the customizable tanning treatment with two other A-list delights in a new signature package called “BBB – Beach Body Beautiful“. The make-over combines Vita Liberata with underarm, bikini, eyebrow & full leg waxing and a New York manicure & pedicure. All for only £99. To book an appointment, either call 020 7351 0911 or visit

Eyelashes Chelsea Day Spa
It is always fantastic to have a spa within ‘healthy walk’ distance from you. Especially one with the design and service reminiscent of a boutique hotel. While The Chelsea Day Spa officially opened in May 2009, founder Faye Fasan makes it feel like they’ve been doing in for years. Tucked quietly off of Kings Road, there is no hustle and bustle to aggravate you – just indulgence.

They have a little bit of everything on offer; I partook in an eyelash treatment with Helen which was professional, intricate and relaxing as a facial (I am the spa type to just enjoy someone playing with my face as long as I can lay down.) As far as recommendations go, I would definitely recommend their Vita Liberata self tan treatment. Michelle Rodriguez – aka Miss Perfect Skin – is a fan of the the ‘A list’ sunless self tanning company because it is odourless, organic and paraben free. No streaks. No orange. While I prefer to stay in my natural shade of cream, the Tangoed Ladies of London should listen up – this is the self tan you need!