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Instagram – left to right, top to bottom:
1. Flashback Friday and some poofy hair.
2. Love an empty Heathrow airport.
3. Lusting after everything at Wolford’s press day.
4. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
5. Push PR’s office: is it wrong to want a dressing room like this?
6. Last minute Halloween tutorial preview.
7. Purifyne Cleanse makes me feel…so…good.
8. Time for a spot of body painting.
9. Playing with some fabulous new bling from Wallis.

Dressing Room
Most people – myself included – abhor trying clothes on. According to The Wall Street Journal, this saves us money; studies from retailt consultant Envision Retail have shown that stepping into the rooms makes someone fifty-seven percent more likely to purchase something. In response, stores have now switched gears towards making dressing rooms more appealing by:

Giving the men/kids somewhere to wait

So boyfriends, husbands, and kids don’t cause a distraction, Macy’s Inc. has been gradually updating its stores to add communal waiting spots with flat-screen TVs – tuned to either sports or cartoons – and upholstered seating.

Expanding Dressing Rooms

Anthropologie – a division of Urban Outfitters – makes sure each room can accommodate more than one person. “[Women] consider it a little bit of a party,” says Co-President Wendy B. McDevitt.

Making Dressing Rooms a focal point

Currently, stores have about 20% of square footage left for fitting rooms and storage after 80% is taken by displaying the merchandise. Stores are now being lobbied to dedicate more space to their fitting rooms, as it is where decisions are primarily made.

Making Flattering Lighting a Priority

New Ann Taylor fitting rooms have six sources of lighting and three types of bulbs, compared to one source and type of lighting in the old design. The mixture of ceramic metal halide, compact fluorescent and low-voltage bulbs is more flattering (no place to discover hidden lumps and bumps!)

Moschino Suit Man Style

Moschino Suit Fall/Winter 2010

In order to portray a perfect silhouette, one that projects elegance, confidence and overall perfection, fit is essential: I can’t stress it enough.

A slim figure will flatter your body shape, making you look your absolute best. The truth is that most men don’t know their measures or correct size: some don’t even have a clue when it comes to fit. Sure, they are able to wander the stores and grab a somewhat fitting item, but more often than not it will be on the looser side of the spectrum.

Ever noticed a bulge on your shirt, right above the belt? That is usually the result of an oversized shirt: the extra fabric accumulates over the pants causing the bulge (pants may also be responsible for this).

A simple, yet effective way to enhance your look is to size down: you might think your size is a Medium but please try on a Small, it may work wonders for you. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to every item and I’m not supporting the idea of skin-tight clothes, but I recommend you try it. Next time you’re out shopping, just pick both sizes of the item you want and take them to the dressing room, it only takes you an extra 2 minutes and can make a huge difference.

If sizing down isn’t an option and you’ve got your size right, try experimenting with different models and cuts. Nowadays, most brands have a “slim” or “fitted” label which will adjust better to your body shape. Give them a try!

A common misconception is that fitted or tailored clothing equals discomfort: this “urban myth” couldn’t be further from the truth. Looking smart and fabulous can be easily accomplished while feeling great, so bear this in mind.