hype secretsales
I was browsing through SecretSales today and stumbled on a brand I hadn’t heard of before: Hype. What stood out to me immediately was the range of super affordable prints and colours in ‘all over’ items like maxidresses and jumpsuits.

At just over 5 feet tall, it is pretty unusual for me to be attracted to ‘all over’ items (due to risk of visual swallowing). Because these prints confuse the eyeline, however, they are perfect for body types; small to tall, bite-size to bootylicious. With the right accessories, easy pieces like these can quickly turn into summer staples. I do love stumbling on unexpected favourites.

Chic Easy Pieces Harpers BazaarChic Easy Pieces was beautifully styled by Marie Chaix and shot by Glen Luchford for the US September Issue of Harper’s Bazaar. In related news, I now plan to steal Eniko Mihalik‘s hair and staple it onto mine. View Post