Purifyne Juice Cleanse
One week ago I embarked on a five-day juice cleanse of epic proportions. The plan, Purifyne’s Beautifyne Cleanse, is a magical concoction of detoxifying fruit and vegetable juices and detox supplements which promote the elimination of toxins. When introduced to it, the thing that specifically caught my attention about their ‘Beautifyne’ cleanse was the tailored results. Setting itself apart from your typical detox juice plan, Beautifyne works to boosts complexion, hair and nails while regenerating our bodies at the molecular and cellular level via proven cell rejuvenators and stimulators. Due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities, it also has the ability to fight infection, increase red blood cell count (increasing the body’s oxygen utilization), and hit the restart button on skin problems.

From Sunday night, I received three 500ml bottles of freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices for each following day. With clear pre-, during, and post-detox guidelines packaged alongside superfood supplements and herbs, the plan was extraordinarily easy to follow. Purifyne’s attention to detail, in fact, was faultless. Every day of the cleanse I woke up to a ‘tip of the day’ via e-mail which had been specifically designed to maximise my detox results as well as encouraging tweets throughout the week. Any questions I had? Answered within the hour. In this day and age – with the constant digital connection and temptation at every corner (ahem, press days packed with cupcakes, ahem) – this became invaluable.

Of course, the results speak for themselves: 2kg lost and handfuls of strangers telling me that I was ‘glowing’ (I’m as surprised as you!). Those chlorophyll-packed juices have acted as a power tonic to my brain, immune system and skin. I simply cannot recommend them enough.

Food Delivery London
I have previously discussed my love of Nosh Detox, a 3-day (or longer, if you choose) program that was nourishing, delicious, and cleansing. In reality though, most people find it hard to live on such a restricted eating plan. Where do the rest of the foodies-in-need turn? As far as the UK is concerned, I would suggest Go Lower or The Pure Package.

While both programmes are designed with constant integration into your existing lifestyle, they both have intricate and positive differences:

Go Lower is a scheme that can guarantee weight loss results based simply on it’s science. While there is definite caloric restriction, anyone looking to drop some pounds – stones, even – can do so at a very quick rate and with customised, flawless one-to-one nutritionist support. The food is very meat-heavy, as it is the quickest way to get the body into ketosis (aka the natural process that makes your body kick fat to the curb), though there are also some fantastic soups, snacks, and even chocolate. The only negative experience I had while dining on Go Lower was a serious craving for fruit. I am renowned as a complete fruit and vegetable addict, and just a week without eating something super-fresh drove me absolutely bananas. Literally, I bought a ton of bananas.

With The Pure Package, your breakfast will be a variety of either muesli with yoghurt and fruit, or a savoury breakfasts. Lunches are generally salads – good and substantial – and designed to be eaten cold (though some can be heated). Diner is designed to be heated either in the microwave or conventional oven, but your daily menu delivery gives you foolproof directions and the benefits behind the ingredients. With uber-healthy snacks, they also provide many programmes for different lifestyles and goals; detoxes to pregnancy to training support.

Personally, I would choose The Pure Package as my food delivery service because I am a sucker for the freshness and variety of ingredients, and don’t feel the need to drop weight. That said, anyone looking to lose weight from a delivery service needs to chose Go Lower. The results are absolutely incredible, and that extra support offered through your nutritionist and online forums are extremely valuable for those who find it hard to get results on your own. Both absolutely fantastic regimes.