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When it comes to working out, I am one hundred percent positive that dressing up to work out releases as many endorphins as the activity itself. In my personal opinion, Nike is the brand to beat in this fashion category. When reflecting on the pieces I love to wear most, the three below happened to all be Nike-branded.

Rival Stretch Woven Running Skirt
When it comes to running, skirt trumps shorts any day. I may love my legs, but I have a curvaceous back end and feel a little too sexy if I’m running around town in shorts or leggings. Thankfully, these babies have sweat-wicking boyshorts and an adjustable skirt hem for personalised style and comfort. It even has a zippered pocket on the centre-back for keys and, if you’re nuts like me, your phone (Instagram-worthy runs!).

Epic Crew 2 Training Shirt
This training shirt is incredibly comfortable, has gussets at the side seams to allow full range of motion, and seems to regulate my body temperature whether the sun’s shining or my skin’s goosebumping.

Pro Hypercool Capris
These Pro capris have a sweat-wicking fabric, ample ventilation, as well as a compression fit for supportive comfort when worn alone or as a base layer. For weights, stretching, squats, and more, these are my go-tos.

proskins gold
You’ve got to hear me out on this one, beauties: these are anti-ageing leggings that deliver. Proskins may be known for their ‘suck it in’ leggings and sportwear but their upcoming release – Proskins Gold – delivers much more. At first glance, they look like an upmarket black legging; smooth, supple, and stretchy with a comfortable wide-band waist.

Obviously, that alone is not going to justify a £145 price tag.

What makes that £145 price tag rather bargainous, in fact? That would be the addition of 24 Carat gold particles and hyaluronic acid. While the controlled compression of Proskins help the body to flush out toxins and cellulite, the gold nanoparticles naturally generate hyaluronic acid which provides intense hydration for legs and helps to contour and improve the appearance of problem areas.

After three days of wear (which – thank goodness – is a fashion statement) Proskins Gold achieves and maintains 100% hyaluronic acid synthesis efficacy (layman’s terms: your legs anti-age themselves!) while the moisturising and antioxidant benefits continue for up to two days after you stop wearing them.

When I was chatting to the creators of the product, my number one reservation was the longevity of the product. Surely – like other ‘caffeinated’ leggings – the gold would simply wash out? Not the case. Those hyaluronic acid-producing particles are actually woven into the legging’s yarn which means that you will see results for the lifetime of the legging. Because of an additional moisture management system, Proskins Gold leggings also keep your skin dry and body temperature regulated to 37°C, making them fantastic for use during exercise.

The new leggings will be available online at the end of January:

versace hm

Versace for H&M

This week, the Versace x H&M lookbook was finally released. Thankfully, it did not disappoint in any way! The 50-piece collection features dresses, skirts, leggings, scarves, handbags, shoes, belts, menswear, jewelry, and even homeware. Impressively, many of the prints, products and palettes seem to have been drawn almost straight from the archives. Value for money, in my eyes!

That said, it isn’t going to translate as ‘value‘ if we go out and buy everything at once (…note to self). Above, I have compiled some of my favourite pieces that I believe will work both alltogether and also add something special to many outfits when separated. Characteristic Versace: on the cheap (I can’t wait)!

Couture Spring 2011 Christian Dior

Christian Dior

Valentino – The departure from the recent to old school was unexpected but not as interesting as it could have been. The pizzazz wasn’t there, and neither was my beloved Valentino red (two pieces do not please a customer base).

Jean Paul Gaultier – Amazepants. JPG used throwback numbering cards like the RTW (ready to wear) I built my love for fashion on. Killer.

Elie Saab – Not one misstep. A collection that screams Megan Fox – in a good way.

Givenchy – Samurai meets Geisha. Hats are unwearable brilliance.

Chanel – Oi vey, Anja and Freja did not look like their beautiful selves. Was it the unadventurous and unflattering collection? Not sure – it wasn’t offensive, but it was disappointing.

Christian Dior – THIS IS COUTURE. The colour nuances alone…I mean…Dior never fails. Left typeless.

Alexis Mabille – A bit ready-to-wear for my taste, but I would not kick a single piece out of bed. Clean statement.

Armani Prive – On first glance, I hated it. Then I remembered this is haute couture, and realised this is exactly what future fashion has been asking for. Structure, fabric, and texture are all genius, but the leggings must go.

See the best pieces below!

Y-3 NYFW Runway
Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto has the quirkiest New York Fashion Week show thus far. Yet again, Yamamoto has turned traditional activewear into street fashion with his ’80s rock ‘n’ roll meets goth-infused collection.

Black is always dangerous on a runway, but his night-hued bra tops, miniskirts, morning jackets, tanks, bombers, and leggings didn’t dissapoint. The ‘moment’ for me was with an oversized red cardigan, with an Adidas-striped bra top and red leggings. And pointy-toe laced high-tops? Yamamoto, you’re a fiesty one. View Post