mannequins film
What do you get when you mix Brazilian top model Nadine Ponce, Natasha Loring (Kimberley in E4’s Beaver Falls), and….me? The upcoming film Mannequins!

It’s true! I am happy to announce that I have been asked to fill a role in Isabelle Sieb‘s latest film, Mannequins, which plans to bring fashion and dramatic film together while currently raising funds on Indiegogo.

With Australian costume designer Diane Logel on board and BAFTA winners Samuel Care and Laura Tarrant-Brown in charge of photography and production design, the beginning stages of Mannequins are already max-level exciting!

If you would like to keep track/contribute, check Mannequins’ many social faces out, below!


Rachel Roy Runway NYFW
Rachel Roy for New York Fashion Week. It’s like macaroni and cheese. When putting together her collections she carefully examines her life and those of the women around her, trying to determine what will work best for them. She’s on the mark. Want a new way to wear pants and a blouse to work, without donning a suit? She’ll figure it out. Her mixed-media dress, which combines a yellow print with a navy-and-white one, appears every season to fantastic reception.

The most exciting thing for Spring 2011 is her khaki-color pieces, all shown on mannequins and all inspired by trenches. I adored pieces put together in unexpected ways, like wearing a looser-fitting bustier over a blouse – there is not a girl I know who hasn’t played around with combinations like this. Albiet, without the genius of Rachel. View Post