colonic hydrotherapy london
Yes, we’re going there: colonics. If you’ve been paying attention to the media over the past few months, you’re likely to have heard of this detoxifying practice. Among Matt Damon, Usher, Janet Jackson, Paris Hilton and more, Simon Cowell‘s heavily publicized biography “Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell” accidentally created a PR storm for the treatment. In the book, Cowell claimed his primary way of keeping healthy was colonic hydrotherapy; “…it’s so cleansing – and it makes my eyes shine brighter.”

After looking for the right practitioners to learn more (key for avoiding the ‘horror stories’), I found that Karl and Nicole from The Bodyworks Practice were some of the most internet-celebrated practitioners around…

Tell us about yourselves!
The Bodyworks story begins back in 2008 with Karl and Nicole (that’s us). We are two therapists with a sense of adventure, having worked and studied all over the world including the UK, Australia, USA, Belize and Mexico. We both have a great passion for good, honest healthcare. We are located in Sunny Surrey where we currently run The Bodyworks Practice in Banstead.  We have a team of 14 therapists including us working at the Practice in Banstead.

And what is colonic hydrotherapy?
Colonic irrigation, also known as colonic hydrotherapy, uses warm purified water to cleanse the bowel (large intestine). It may sound scary and uncomfortable but it isn’t. In fact, it can be quite relaxing and the after effects far out way any thoughts that may be running through your mind at present! Not only is it used to help the bowel release stools and regulate movement, but it is also a very effective way to cleanse the body via the blood stream.

And why did Bodyworks decide to get involved with the treatment?
I (Nicole) have always been interested in healing and helping the body naturally.  For many years I suffered with bowel issues, food intolerances, eating disorders and just a feeling of being low. After using natural remedies to heal myself I studied nutrition in Australia where we were taught the importance of bowel health and cleansing, so I tried it myself and never looked back. Along with healthy eating and exercise I found that it helped my skin clear up, I lost weight, I was more tolerant to foods, my energy soared, and my low mood lifted. From that day onwards I knew that colonic irrigation was going to be a huge part of my life.
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Jason Wu SS12
As each look from Jason Wu‘s collection for Spring/Summer 2012 trickled out, there is one person I couldn’t get out of my head: Paris Hilton. Now, this is quite an unexpected thought to have when you’re looking at collection that oozes hints of masculine charm. Essentially, Wu’s collection is the makeover I’ve had in mind for Paris for the last six years.

Wu himself said the effect of the collection was “old-school techniques that look electrocuted”, and electrocuted they were. Humming shades from bubblegum pink to chartreuse, there was a savvy combination of French elegance and American fire. It was swimming in sweetness and designed to be dumbfounding without an ounce of theatricality. Jason Wu even teamed up with street artist KAWS to create floating petal prints which overlaid a hands motif (to reflect how many hands work on a piece before it is presented), and brought Tom Binns in to handle the heavy metal jewellery. No Swarovski-embellished collar, feather-lined peplum, nylon trenchcoat, cigarette pant, or eveningwear fantasy was unaccounted for. I die. View Post

Beyonce Lace Wig
On the hair envy front, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, Ciara, Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton and Tyra Banks could all be categorized into a box I would happily label, “Give me your damn hair“.

Makes it quite shocking to know that their hair isn’t real, doesn’t it? No, I’m not talking about extensions (which are all so common now I have spotted tracks on 12-year-olds), but lace wigs.

A lace wig is one of the most natural looking ‘hair systems’ on the market. This isn’t your 10-dollar party wig (the kind designed to last 5 minutes…tops). Basically, a lace wig is made by using a fine lace material as the base/scalp, then tying individual human hairs onto the lace. The term ‘full lace’ denotes that the base cap is made fully of lace, while ‘lace front’ wigs have lace in front and different materials at the back of the cap. Once custom-made, the wig is then attached with a special glue (strong, but harmless), pins, clips, or special tape. No damage!

The reason celebrities wear them? The easygoing luxury of it all! Not only can you get top-quality hair the second you wake up, but you can change colour, length and texture without any damage to your own strands! The versatility is astounding. Also, with your “cheap wigs” you often get shedding and no ability to tie your hair up or expose the nape of your neck without seeing the wig. Lace technology makes it look no different to a normal hairline. Undetectable.

I found out about lace wigs through my close friend’s Mom, who recently launched a lace wig store. The amazing thing is, I have adored both my friend and her mother’s hair for some time and have never doubted that so much as an extension had gone into their hair! They are just the sort of beautiful, polished women who seem as though they’ve just stepped off of a movie set every day. I suggest you take a look at their new website for inspiration and more of an insight into the world of celebrity-perfect hair! Be ahead of the trend.

V Magazine Penelope Cruz
“V72: The Transformation Issue” is upon us (that’s V Magazine‘s latest issue to you and I). Not only have they got Mert and Marcus to shoot Penelope Cruz for the cover – oh no – but they’ve turned the technicolour image into a hologram that opens and closes her eyes when tilted.

Inside, the issue contains an interview and photo-shoot with a completely transformed Paris Hilton (seen below), who is claiming for the first time that her ‘dumb heiress’ image has been a publicity stunt from Day One.

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Ugg Boots
Now that the signs of this brutal winter are fleeing (who am I kidding? I live in Bangkok), it’s time to talk Whooga boots aka Ugg boots.

I’m dodging stilettos, I’m sure. The truth is, before the fashion faux pas’ were riddled with fame and Paris Hilton-synonymity, Uggs were the love of my post-dance life. And they’re due for a comeback. Especially in the form of Whoogas.

With a pair of both at your disposal you will find that:

  • The sheepskin on Whooga ugg boots are both thicker and softer than other brands.
  • They are cheaper! More bang for your buck and almost half the standard price. (Also, they have been kind enough to give you guys 10% off this week with the discount code “1578LELA“!)
  • The shaft/height options are much more flattering for the shape of your calf. No more looking like a tantrum-stomping alien.
  • The heel has more support: the kind that curves to your foot’s contours!
  • Whooga are also running a boot giveaway to everyone that signs up to their newsletter (open worldwide)! Personal ‘winner’ wishlist? Pink ugg boots. Wait, the mini ones…and the chocolate weave…and…and…