Lose Weight Fast
I can almost guarantee that as this new decade has rolled around, you – or someone close to you – has made a pact in regards to your health or weight. As women, we’re doing it all the time and rarely pulling through. In fact, Hovis recently found that the average British woman will snack on over 129 packets of crisps, more than 127 chocolate bars, over 77 cakes and more than 133 biscuits in the average year. Over half of these women also wished they could give up their unhealthy snacking vice.

The thing is, snacking is great for our bodies. In combination with healthy meals, snacking keeps our metabolism running at faster rates (aka weight loss), and gives us a steady stream of nutrition. This is why Hovis Wholemeal has launched the ‘Stop Snacking‘ (well, the unhealthy kind) Facebook app at www.facebook.com/hovisbakery.

Not only does the app help you track your snacking success, but also gives you motivational advice and enters you in daily competitions for gifts like a Mulberry handbag and Tiffany’s jewellery. You would be crazy not to join!

Mindful Eating

I’ve been learning some funny little health tidbits recently and decided to share them with you all.

The real cure for hiccups: Breathe in, hold. Breathe in, hold. Breathe in. It plays with your diaphragm and holds the effects of the usually unsuccessful ‘one deep breath in’.

Cure heartburn: Lay on your left side. It preserves the curve of your esophagus, and laying any other way will straighten it out. This way, stomach acid can’t creep up.

How to stop crying: Stick your tongue on the roof of your mouth or clear your throat. It will block your soft palate and make it almost impossible to cry.

Exercise is more important than diet. While they obviously both are of importance – you actually get results much faster in regards to things like disease prevention and overall health with exercise than diet. The only exception for this is weight loss, as it’s generally much easier to each 500 calories less than work the same 500 calories off.