April 18, 2011

Songkran: Sartorialist Survival

The past week – in it’s entirety – was spent calculating the areas where I wouldn’t be attacked. Blame Songkran. For those who are unaware, Songkran is the name for the Thai New Year – a country-wide holiday which is celebrated country-wide by dousing as many people as you can find with a bucket of water.

It is fabulous. Along with armies of buckets, cups, super soakers, and garden hoses ready to pounce from every corner, there is a wonderful sense of unity and excitement everywhere you turn. If you’re in Bangkok, you can’t escape it.

With that said, after a few days of play your sartorial sanity may begin to suffer. The moment some mentholated talc – which is sometimes mixed with the H20 – hits your Christian Louboutins, your eyes will be spewing water of their own. Solution? Follow these tips to get the most out of city-wide water fights while dressed for success.

  • Waterproof it. Obvious as the advice is, a raincoat will protect you! Just make sure it is lightweight – the heat is unforgiving.
  • The LBD. Little black dress to the rescue! Any dark shift dress would be great to move in, and won’t become transparent when wet!
  • Lined garments. Things will cling when drenched. I stuck to a wardrobe of polyester lined dresses and saved myself from any water getting through!
  • Your most comfortable shoes. Avoid boots, sneakers/trainers and anything that you would skip in the rain. Flat, sturdy sandals are the way.
  • Hide the good stuff. You will kick yourself for thinking you can avoid your nicer clothes getting hit. There is no mercy!
  • Wear a bikini underneath. Simply? They are designed to be wet, your bra and underoos are not.
  • Un-style your hair. Tie it up or let it sway in it’s natural way. Blowdries last no longer than it takes to pull the trigger of a water gun.

Here is to many future Songkran festivities! Enjoy!

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