December 5, 2011

Interior Design Inspiration

heart pool

For about one week, The Manfriend and I have been living in what finally feels like a permanent residence. To recap, in the past 365 days I have moved from a bedroom rental, to Manfriend’s bedroom rental, to a few hotels, to an entire floor of a Thailand apartment building, to Manfriend’s mom’s house, to a flat above the great British high street. 365 days. Now, we’ve found our way into having our names legally attached to a house.

A cozy house, a “home“, with our own, separate offices and a room for our babies (WHO COME HOME FROM QUARANTINE IN NINE DAYS!!). As it is a rental, we can’t jam any (new) holes into the wall, paint, or knock any walls out, but we are beyond ready to invest in some great pieces to decorate.

As my organisation techniques are spurred by visual aides, I have created a mini “Interior Design” photo bomb to share some of my ideas and inspiration with you, thus far. Manfriend and I have quite similar aesthetic attitudes (which is a blessing, let’s be real); clean lines, shots of colour in neutral tones, lots of texture, quirky pieces of furniture, and non-traditional art. We’ve also agreed that it’s about time we invest in some luxury bedroom furniture.

…it’s going to be an extraordinarily fun creative process, I think. One with some very tight purse strings, and a lot of innovation to be called upon!

Alaia loft
Azzedine Alaia’s loft

The lighting.

colour blocking

chalkboard calendar
If only we weren’t renting. Points for innovation!

kitchen carpet

candice tripp
Blake Lively’s painting by Candice Tripp

In a rental, it is all about the floors, walls, and lighting.

retro dining room

A bedroom to inspire my office.

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