June 25, 2013

Ways to separate your work life from your home life

working from home
The way we are using technology is having a huge impact on the way we work. You can work from your desktop computer, your tablet…even your mobile phone (sorry friends, I know, I know!). The rise of home and remote working is great, giving more opportunities to people to earn extra money, spend more time with their families or friends, and devote themselves more to their home life.

However, the rise of the home worker – bloggers, especially – can leave many feeling like they are never off work. It’s very easy to sit and work until late when you should be spending time with friends, family, or simply switching off. Likewise, it’s easier to get distracted if you are working from home, with music, DVDs and television all fighting for your attention.

One way to make sure that you are working efficiently and effectively is to ensure that you separate your workspace from your ‘home space’, although this could be difficult if you live in a cramped apartment. Perhaps choosing to sit with your laptop at the dining table for work related activity, and your sofa for your home or play related activity is one method to try.

Make sure that you dedicate a set time for work. It is often said that dressing appropriately for your home worker role can have an impact of the efficiency of your work. Just because no one can see you doesn’t mean you should be writing or calculating while you are still in your pyjamas!

If you have the space, set up an office with everything that you would normally use in a traditional office environment. This means everything from kettle to computer, stapler to printer. Likewise, make sure that you make your home space appropriate, and try to keep the two areas apart. If, like me, your bedroom is your office, I suggest in investing in a new bed (love Bedstar) and keeping your office work as far away from it as possible. Keep it a special place.

Make sure that you take breaks throughout the day, but ensure these aren’t too prolonged. Get away from your desk for an hour at lunchtime, try to relax and not think about the work you have to do in the afternoon. It is recommended (but – ahem – not always possible) that you take a five minute break every hour from a computer to rest and relax your eyes.

Enjoy your personal and financial freedom, babes.

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