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Unexpectedly, a few tweets about my laser hair removal experiences have left me with an inbox full of questions. Though the procedure has been around for a number of years, there are still a lot of queries and misconceptions surrounding laser hair removal and I figured the best way to address them for all of you would be the following guide.

As it stands, I have completed four full leg sessions over the year at Pulse Light Clinic and couldn’t tell you the last time I used a razor.

Does laser hair removal hurt?
Yes. But perhaps not as much as you would expect. In my experience, each ‘pulse’ feels like a short snap of a rubber band and only intensifies on areas where skin is naturally thinner (ie ankles), disappearing almost as soon as you feel it.

If you feel particularly worried, you can take a light painkiller 30 minutes before your treatment to take the edge off.

Where can you get laser hair removal?
According to my consultant, the most common area to get the zap is the underarms but you can actually get full body laser hair removal (special exceptions for the eye area, due to the strength of the lasers).

How much is laser hair removal?
The cost often comes down to the size of the area you’re lasering and the quality of the clinic. I have seen a number of ‘deals’ for laser hair removal over the year but hadn’t felt safe enough to proceed until I visited Pulse Light Clinic. Though it a series of treatments will cost a few hundred pounds, like many things, you get out what you put in (and reap the rewards in time and money!).

After laser hair removal, is the hair gone forever?
The first session cut my hair growth down by about 75%. As our bodies grow hair in a cycle, it takes a handful of session intervals (of six weeks or so) before you get access to all of the hair follicles but, yes, each time a hair is lasered it is pretty much lasered to death. Many clinics say you’re “done” in six to eight sessions but I have been left almost completely hairless after four.

After that point, most men and women return every five to ten years (it truly depends on the individual’s body) for a top up session.

Is laser hair removal worth the money?
If shaving or waxing feels like more than a chore, yes. I have my legs out almost every day of my year and found waxing (where you have to grow hair out between treatments) ridiculous and shaving an OCD bore. Pulse Light Clinic’s Gentle Max Pro (by Syneron Candela) works incredibly fast, is tailored to each patient’s skin & tolerance, reduces ingrown hairs, smoothes skin, and leaves you with much more time to spend on things you actually want to do.

If you’re in London, head to Pulse for a free consultation and patch test with one of their laser experts. They accept walk ins, are open to 8pm (weekdays and weekends!), and have super convenient clinics by Bank and Tottenham Court Rd – I couldn’t recommend them enough.

With mere hours between a week in Slovenia and a month and a half in the US, I needed to turn my European carry-on into a cross-America suitcase that would work from the desert heat of Vegas to the November chill of the Midwest; parties, hikes, a wedding, et al.

It became very clear to me very quickly how little I had to work with in my closet, so I headed to the high street with nothing but my phone to let Android Pay save the day using Mastercard in my e-wallet.

Being a woman with relentless digital intrigue and little time to spare, Android Pay is heaven sent. You simply log your Mastercard details into the app and hold your phone over a contactless payment reader to pay. No physical cards, no spending limits (like contactless cards), no faff. If you’re making a larger payment like I did, you simply use your fingerprint or passcode to add an extra layer of security to the transaction. It’s safe and secure which put my mind at ease.

As the old saying goes, “if it’s not on a vlog, it didn’t happen” so I decided to bring you along for the ride and – after such a successful trip – even treated you to a little designer clothes and beauty haul at the end!

Enjoy the video and feel free to ask me any questions if you need help!


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I don’t do sleek hair. My hair – much like my personality – is a cacophony of wildness that plays to the beat of its own drum.

I was a tad nervous when Rush and Redken asked if I wanted to create a salon versus home-styling tutorial for their lovely NYC Fashion Week Style Kit. Even more so when their pro gave my the best blow-dry of my life (it lasted for five days of international travel!).

You can watch the beauty (and anxiety!) unfold in our respective videos – enjoy!

beauty favourites august 2016
I am beyond excited to share this month’s beauty favourites; game-changers, skin-savers, and all…

The Perfect 10 Ultimate Connock London Body Treatment
When I realised Perfect 10 delivered everything from blow dries to spray tans straight to your door, it made perfect sense to follow up a few 14-hour work days (the not-so-glamorous dark side of blogging!) with a little something something for myself.

I opted for ‘The Ultimate Connock London Body Treatment’ – a Hawaiian Kukui Oil massage – and it was 90 minutes of pure bliss. The natural oil is the perfect compliment to a Lomi Lomi massage as it offers intense hydration and skin protection. If I wasn’t so busy I could have easily spent the rest of the day soaking in the bath.

Knowing something this relaxing is only a few clicks away when I find myself with a spare 90 minutes makes those 14-hour-plus days fly by.

Embyolisse Micellar Lotion & Radiant Eye Cream Roll-On
For whatever reason, it has taken me ages to try the micellar lotion that kicked off the entire craze, but I am incredibly glad I finally did. Embryolisse’s ‘micellar water’ is the most gentle of its kind that I have used, yet removes every trace of make-up (including my water-resistant mascara).

When I began trialling the aforemtnioned, I also picked up Embryolisee’s roll-on Radiant Eye Cream and have to say it is probably my favourite of the two. Utilising aloe vera and glycerine, the stick is actually cool to the touch (which feels unbelievable on my permanently tired eyes). Though small, the dual-action stick not only brightens and moisturises the eye area but botanically depuffs and boosts circulation around it, as well! Game changer.

Nugg Lip Mask
This tiny little gold ball has not left my bedside table as packs a hydrating, plumping and softening punch. The mask – which I apply at night – is made up of 100% natural and vegan ingredients like circulation-boosting liquorice root (ideal for those looking for Kylie Jenner lips without the surgery). I haven’t managed to get to the end of my first ball yet but can’t wait to do so and build up a little gold ring-holder collection!

Su-Man Facial Glow Rejuvenating Masks
My favourite facialist, Su-Man, recently released her Facial Glow Rejuvenating Masks to the public and I couldn’t get my face in one fast enough. As a celebrity facialist, it will never be as easy to book in with her as it will be to throw on a mask on a flight so I split my pack open and hoped for the time-crunched best.

Thankully, they’re fantastic. Using advanced bio cellulose technology, orchid extract, seawater mineral concentrate, brown algae, peptides and more, the Rejuvenating Masks blend her Asian-influenced skincare know-how and comforting demeanor to hydrate, brighten, soothe, and plump for the youngest and freshest-looking skin imaginable. In 10 minutes. Seriously now.

Boutique Spa Manicure
Though I manage to get away with it here in Internetland, I get called up on my lack of nail care all the time in my daily life. Chipped nail polish and Lela London are practically synonymous. But I’m trying to make a change. Which is why I popped into Boutique Spa for a manicure the day before a photoshoot.

The spas are dotted all over London, have longer operating hours than any of their competitors (10am to 9.30pm), and give you a 10% discount if you book through their app, meaning they are the perfect option for even the most forgetful customer. Ahem.

If a 30 minute Shania Twain singalong with a manicurist is all it takes to take away my forgetful nail anxiety, I’d say a regular appointment is more than worth it.

Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler
Like most women, I feel like I’m always on the brink of perfect eyebrows but never quite there. That was, in fact, until I went to the launch of Veet’s new Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler and learned that a few quick strokes could give me high definition-ready brows. The Styler – designed for use on our most sensitive areas (face, underarms and bikini) – is quick, gentle, and uses a selection of electric blades (there are two different trimming heads) to shape the areas to perfection. As the blades don’t touch the skin, these is also no risk of cuts. My brows couldn’t be happier.

Korres Wild Rose CC Cream SPF 30
Last but not least, my saviour of Boardmasters Festival: the Korres Wild Rose CC Cream. I had been trialling the product in lieu of foundation for a few weeks and loved the finish – even skin that still shows my freckles – but didn’t fall in love with it until its SPF factor got me through a few days in the sun having accidentally packed a dodgy body SPF product.

The cream corrects, smooths, brightens, and protects like no other CC cream in the market. It is everything you could want from ‘no-makeup makeup’ alongside long term skin benefits. I will never be without this in my makeup bag.

ghd straighteners
For the last four years I have used ghd‘s Air hair dryer to combat my fro-prone curls at least twice a week. Naturally, I recoil when faced with a less-than-Air hairdryer during my frequent travels.

When ghd offered me a remedy in the limited-edition ghd marine allure straightener, I would have been crazy to refuse.

Since receiving the straightener, I have taken it on every trip with me and have had consistent blow dry-reminiscent locks with no compromise on space! In my carry-on I simply roll my clothes inside and around my hat of the moment (this lattice cut-out floppy hat is now on sale, you lucky thing!) and nestle the straightener in heat-proof case on top.

“But what if something creases?” No worry – the ghd is the niftiest iron…hair and clothes-wise.

Even the hat even doubles-up as a beauty product; whether I am sunbathing or citysweeping, I pile my ghd-ed waves on top of my head under my hat. This protects my hair from sun damage and keeps the smooth body impossibly voluminous for evening excursions!

If ghfmorning to evening before and afters are anything to go by…

before after ghd straighteners