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I never really knew how long I would blog for. I’m not even sure if there was a defining reason I started The fantastic thing is, for over a year and a half, I have posted at least twice a week – sometimes reaching up to fourteen blogs a day…

And my life is better because of it.

Truly…better. I have found that there is a lot to be learned and a lot to be gained by doing the things you love. I write because I love to write. I spend time responding to your e-mails and giving you advice because I love it. I loved packing up and moving to Thailand to write a book and be adventurous. I love the independence and individuality I can share with you here. I love that this blog – ten years from now – will mark a major moment in both my life and career.

This blog may not be my career, but it has been the most valuable help to my career. Two things you must know, 1) Writing was a hobby, at the start, 2) I certainly wasn’t born with a silver spoon (I’ll spare you the sob story). I was a freelance fashion stylist and make-up artist with lots to say. Through offline efforts, work was good, but this blog took the driver’s seat when it took me to Fashion Week. It took me to the ‘inside’ of the industry in a way I hadn’t expected to reach for at least a few more years.

Styling turned into consultancy, to freelance writing jobs, to a position as a media executive, and now…now, I have my dream job.

I truly believe it wouldn’t have been possible without this blog. Of course, my offline efforts and ethics account to more than handing my URL out at fashion parties, but I believe the blog was a key factor in determining both my voice and direction.

I want to thank you for being a part of it. Even if this is the first blog you’ve ever read. I think it is important to realise just how profoundly important every girl and boy from WhereverLand who types my name into Google every day is. How much every Facebook share, comment, Tumbl or tweet has the chance to bring a little more fun, insight and beauty into a new reader’s life.

These days, you don’t need to be related to Anna Wintour to work in fashion. You don’t need to be rich to have a voice. You don’t need to go to college to be a wanton technology God. You don’t need to work on SNL to make a million people laugh. If you mix it with hard work, the internet – blogging, in my case – can make your dreams come true.

Only in my dreams did I imagine I would be an editor at 21 years old.*

*And thats all I can tell you for now, my loves! ;D

Your Majesty Flare
Flare magazine has stood up and got me to notice them. In reference to their spread, “Your Majesty“, for their November 2011 issue…all I can say is “wow”. I would not change a thing about these Chris Nicholls photographs. Fashion stylist Fiona Green has used models Emily Fox, Finlay Moore and ‘Dani’ brilliantly, displaying an aristocracy, romanticism, and affluence that reads frictionlessly. Using a bold Comme des Garcons print on a little girl? Genius. With a healthy dose of Givenchy and some exaggerated proportions, Flare can enjoy this month’s very fashionable reign. View Post

Secreto Bosque Ymre Stiekema
Do werk, Ymre Stiekema! For Harper’s Bazaar España‘s issue for September 2011, they Bazaar Gods (photographer Gonzalo Machado and fashion stylist Leticia Riestra) brought the beautiful model in for an ethereal photo shoot titled “Secreto en el bosque”. It’s beyond beautiful, and checking all of my clothes-lust boxes; YSL cape coat and an absolute abundance of Dior. Tick tick. View Post

Katy Perry Pink Hair

  • Katy Perry (and her perfectly pink hair) got the October cover of InStyle – and I love it! The dark nails and textured styling are super appropriate and charming for this Fall cover.

  • This past Sunday, supermodel Gisele Bundchen was driving her Cadillac SUV down Route 6 though Barnstable when she was pulled over for driving 15 mph over the speed limit in a 55 mph zone with two babies in the backseat. The son, a certain William J. Hopper, of the statesman that let her off with a warning then tweeted: “He let her go, but in return she signed her autograph on the citation with kisses.”

  • Early next year, VH1 will start to follow fashion stylist June Ambrose for a new reality series. The Hollywood Reporter said camera crews will “follow Ambrose and her team of assistants as they serve a mix of up-and-coming and established celebrity clients, including actors and musicians, who want to make over their looks and brands”. June’s clients have included the Dave Matthews Band, Sean Combs, Alicia Keys, Kelly Ripa, Kim Cattrall, Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige.

  • Model Dree Hemingway will be playing a porn star in Sean Baker’s upcoming film, “Starlet“.

  • The City of West Hollywood (WeHo) is one step closer to banning the sale of fur. (It’s okay, fluff-lovers, the faux is just as luscious looking, nowadays!). A recent debate on the subject lasted until the early hours of this morning, where those who are pro-fur argued the law would be anti-business and questioned whether a ban would lead to a leather and/or meat ban, as well. The final vote has yet to be reached, but there is a current tip towards the ban.

  • Naomi Campbell‘s generous, Russian billionaire boyfriend has commissioned a 25 room, eco-friendly retreat for the supermodel in honor of her 41st birthday! The retreat/mansion/haven will be built on a private Turkish isle called Isla Playa de Cleopatra and, according to architect Luis de Garrido, “is completely energy and water self-sufficient and features an amazing indoor landscaped terrace”. It is also shaped like the eye of Horus, an ancient Egyptian deity. Check it out.
  • Marchesa SS12
    If and when I am asked the inevitable fashion stylist question – “Who is your favourite fashion designer?”Marchesa is always the first name that comes to mind.

    Inspired by the sea (“Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom” by Ilya Repin and sea life drawings by Ernst Haeckel), the Spring/Summer 2012 collection couldn’t have left me on a bigger high. It was Marchesa; sculptural, thoughtful, fanciful and unique. Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman have found the perfect partners in each other, as the neutral-heavy collection was so multi layered (tulle, embroidery, mesh, draped organza) it felt like four couture collections in one. They defy gravity and drop jaws all at once. View Post