Beyonce Lace Wig
On the hair envy front, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, Ciara, Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton and Tyra Banks could all be categorized into a box I would happily label, “Give me your damn hair“.

Makes it quite shocking to know that their hair isn’t real, doesn’t it? No, I’m not talking about extensions (which are all so common now I have spotted tracks on 12-year-olds), but lace wigs.

A lace wig is one of the most natural looking ‘hair systems’ on the market. This isn’t your 10-dollar party wig (the kind designed to last 5 minutes…tops). Basically, a lace wig is made by using a fine lace material as the base/scalp, then tying individual human hairs onto the lace. The term ‘full lace’ denotes that the base cap is made fully of lace, while ‘lace front’ wigs have lace in front and different materials at the back of the cap. Once custom-made, the wig is then attached with a special glue (strong, but harmless), pins, clips, or special tape. No damage!

The reason celebrities wear them? The easygoing luxury of it all! Not only can you get top-quality hair the second you wake up, but you can change colour, length and texture without any damage to your own strands! The versatility is astounding. Also, with your “cheap wigs” you often get shedding and no ability to tie your hair up or expose the nape of your neck without seeing the wig. Lace technology makes it look no different to a normal hairline. Undetectable.

I found out about lace wigs through my close friend’s Mom, who recently launched a lace wig store. The amazing thing is, I have adored both my friend and her mother’s hair for some time and have never doubted that so much as an extension had gone into their hair! They are just the sort of beautiful, polished women who seem as though they’ve just stepped off of a movie set every day. I suggest you take a look at their new website for inspiration and more of an insight into the world of celebrity-perfect hair! Be ahead of the trend.

Isabelle Caro
This kind of blog is never easy to write. Today, the world found out that French model Isabelle Caro – known for her nude anti-anorexia campaign circa Milan Fashion Week 2007 – has died. She actually passed away on the 17th of November after being treated for an acute lung infection in Tokyo. While the direct cause is unknown, it is believed to be a direct result of the disorder she has suffered since the age of thirteen.

If you don’t remember, Isabelle’s anti-anorexia campaign – shot by Olivero Toscani – was a controversial, headline-hoarding effort that was endorsed by the Italian Ministry of Health and shot when she weighed only 59 pounds. It also was released shortly after 21-year-old Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston died of anorexia.

Caro also moved Jessica Simpson to tears in an interview for her show “The Price of Beauty“, where the model expressed her efforts to pass a law in French parliament that would prohibit models from working if they were too thin. Rest in peace, beautiful girl.

Jessica Simpson Fashion
Jessica Simpson is making bank. Retail sales of her fashion empire – currently shoes, accessories, outerwear, bathing suits, fragrance, and watches – totalled $750 million this year. “People look at her as a style icon,” explains Vince Camuto, the main licensee for Simpson-sold merchandise.

Fast Facts:

Jessica Simpson Sportswear and Jeanswear are expected to do from $150 million to $200 million in retail sales within the next two years.
– The Jeanswear collection can be found in 650 department store doors, including Macy’s, Dillard’s, Belk, and Bon-Ton.
Six hundred people once lined up to see Simpson make a personal appearance at Belk.
– Simpson’s net worth is estimated at $100 million.
– The latest addition to her empire – sportswear – is inspired by Isabel Marant, Theory, and Sportmax, but with a “younger” attitude.

Homegirl is – in at least one category – outperforming even Madonna.

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson is reportedly in negotiations to judge the 2011 season of American Idol and has met with the producers several times. The show is due to have a huge overhaul and claims to be making a big announcement at its event at the 2010 Television Critics Association Press Tour this coming Monday.

I know I would be watching with Cheryl Cole-like anticipation as far as fashion choices would go. The Price of Beauty creator is routinely criticised for poor wardrobe choices and I’m sure would light up the world of fashion blogs in one way or another.

Mid-slew of unflattering maxi dresses and shapeless workut gear, I recently fell completely in love with an outfit she wore while traipsing New York City (seen below). She’s wearing Ralph Lauren Ricky Sunglasses in Black, theĀ Christian Dior Chri Chri Shopping Bag, the Yves Saint Laurent Essentiel Rivet Sandals, a Prada Gathered Shoulder Blouse and a Linea Pelle Pyramid Studded Hip Belt in Black.

Jessica Simpson