July 12, 2010

Health & Fitness / Fun with Health

Mindful Eating

I’ve been learning some funny little health tidbits recently and decided to share them with you all.

The real cure for hiccups: Breathe in, hold. Breathe in, hold. Breathe in. It plays with your diaphragm and holds the effects of the usually unsuccessful ‘one deep breath in’.

Cure heartburn: Lay on your left side. It preserves the curve of your esophagus, and laying any other way will straighten it out. This way, stomach acid can’t creep up.

How to stop crying: Stick your tongue on the roof of your mouth or clear your throat. It will block your soft palate and make it almost impossible to cry.

Exercise is more important than diet. While they obviously both are of importance – you actually get results much faster in regards to things like disease prevention and overall health with exercise than diet. The only exception for this is weight loss, as it’s generally much easier to each 500 calories less than work the same 500 calories off.

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