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Returning to the NME Awards (this time with ID&C – the kings of fabric wristbands) was one hundred percentΒ as thrilling as my first time.

I have spent the last few years as a red carpet presenter, broadcast journalist, blogger, et al, but these events never fail to fill my inner child with immeasurable gratitude.

For the NME Awards 2017, I was fortunate enough to see Bastille perform live again (they were the best band I saw live last year), swoon as Skepta and Wiley’s bromance played out on stage, and watch girl power reign supreme with MIA winning Best British Female (alongside similar awards for the rising stars of Christine & The Queens and Dua Lipa).

What I Wore:
Galveston Cutout skater dress from JOY The Store
Butterfly Twists Amber Glitter Pointed Fold Up Pump from JOY The Store (in the bag for pre-show running around!)
Sargossa Nappa heels

Hair – The geniuses at Duck & Dry. In fact, I loved their new Oxford Circus blow dry bar so much I used it to shoot these pre-awards photos!
Face Of The Day – Essentially exactly the same as The 90s Brunch Cher from Clueless makeup look (without the strobe cream).

nme awards presenter 6

Given the finger. Classic NME.

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ID&C fabric wristbands
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The 90s Brunch was a birthday dream come true.

A dream that included finally living out my lifelong dream of being Cher from Clueless for the day (I have even filmed a ‘Get Ready With Me’ portion in the accompanying vlog for your viewing pleasure!).

The full youth-defying and decade-celebrating day consisted of showing up at Fu Manchu (each 90s brunch has a secret location), power-houring the unlimited Prosecco, recalling every single word to “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, dancing myself silly, performing impromptu lip-syncs of Nirvana & Oasis, watching pro hula hoopers wiggle to 90s boy bands, and ‘brunching’ on a 3-course selection of Asian-inspired nibbles (the bao-bunned Eggs Benedict and doughnuts were the heroes to a mediocre noodle-based zero).

If I had the liver for it, I would 90s Brunch every weekend.

Tickets are Β£35 and includes entry, a 3 course meal, bottomless cocktails for one hour (12-1pm) and all
activities and entertainment (as seen in the video, above!)

90s brunch london clueless 4

90s brunch london clueless - cher from clueless costume outfit
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tootoomoo bottomless brunch london
There aren’t many things that can drag me out my negligee and into London’s bitter chill on a Sunday, but Tootoomoo‘s Bottomless Brunch managed to do just that.

In fact, I hauled myself across the river in anticipation of unlimited pan-asian feasting.

Real unlimited. Not asterisked unlimited. Over the weekend, Tootoomoo’s branches offer a bottomless brunch with nothing excluded from the menu. Not cocktails, not sashimi…all inclusive.

It was a dream come true in a city overflowing with bottomless syrupy-sweet ‘champagne’ brunches and sub-par eggs on breads.

At their Lilliputian Islington branch, I took advantage of their Malaysian/Chinese/Japanese/Thai/Vietnamese fusion without reservation; crispy hoisin duck rolls, Shichimi squid, Hamachi sashimi (with kizami wasabi), soft shell crab Maki (with gari, wasabi & soy), duck & watermelon salad, et al.

Though there were a number of authentic-looking noodle and curry dishes available, we couldn’t fathom a single plate more than the ‘nibbles’ we ordered ‘to start’. By the time two or three (or four, ahem) of their killer reposado gold Margaritas get down you, a mock liquid diet of natural frozen yogurt (with unnatural but tequila-demanded Oreo pieces) is about as much as you can handle.

And perhaps an Elderflower Tootoomoo (gin, sparkling elderflower & fresh mint).

If you’re looking for a good time and better-than-good brunching, Tootoomoo’s got you.

tootoomoo bottomless brunch 2
tootoomoo bottomless brunch london
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I live a life of Laptop Clubbing (aka using London’s coffee shops as my roaming office space). And while I’m fortunate to have that freedom, I’m often weighed down with – at the very least – a laptop, chargers, and an SLR.

My life is quite literally on my back. Turtle vibes.

When looking for something to replace the Manfriend’s shattered backpack, I was lucky enough to stumble on a brand that combined all my particular Laptop Club OCD needs with stylish, heritage designs. His and hers; padded laptop compartments, quality materials, utilitarian storage , and stealth back panels that slide over luggage handles (for your Laptop Club On Tour needs).

What I Wore:
Dress from Alice’s Pig (vintage-inspired and detailed but insanely comfortable)
Jay Leather tote from Solo New York (a deceptively spacious handbag)
East Hampton backpack from Solo New York (on Bae)

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Let me preface this particular adventure with a bit of a disclaimer…

I kind of hate malls.

Having spent a couple of my fresh-faced years in them caking people’s faces and trying not to gauge my eyes out, they’re simply not an environment I want to spend my free time in.

“But wait..wait…you booked a trip to the Mall of America?”

I did, indeed. During a pre-Lela Takes The Lakes research session, The Mall of America (and its surrounding areas of Bloomington and Minneapolis, Minnesota) seemed to offer everything I love in a new travel destination.

I expected much more than a mall. And boy, did I get it…


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