Hi, hello, and other various salutations! You have now entered the world of Lela London.

Other than being a 20-something blogger, journalist, and online PR executive, I am somewhat capricious, extremely neurotic, and have a penchant for a pun.

Though I started off in my professional career with aspirations of becoming the next Bobbi Brown, I quickly fell in lust with fashion and writing. With success as a fashion stylist and magazine Editor under my studded belt, I now work as a creative consultant and accept freelance commissions for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle work.

I created this fashion/beauty/lifestyle/music/DEEPBREATH/travel blog in 2010 to share my passions and experiences with the world. The experiences I have since been a part of mean world to me and I have an abundance of thanks and gratitude for everyone who has supported my blog along the way.

My favourite film is Battle Royale. I hate the little triangle that the windshield wipers don’t wash. I love flying. I wish I could have a dinner party with Karl Lagerfeld, Sheryl Sandberg, and Elvis Presley. I believe in the power of defining moments. I am a geek at heart.