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St Pete and Clearwater are the peanut butter and jelly of Florida. My state-based childhood means I’m always asked for the so-called “best place to travel in Florida” and the combination is, without a doubt, going to be my answer for many years to come.

At just a 30-40 minute drive from St Petersburg, Clearwater (Beach and City) has everything a picture-perfect Florida vacation could promise; dolphins, boats, seafood, an atmosphere perfect for spring breakers & families alike, the best beach in America, and more.

Read on to get acquainted…

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happy easter
Happy Easter, religious and non-religious chocolate egg lovers alike! As you may remember, I gave up negative thoughts, meat at home, and “almost” doing things roughly one month ago for Lent. With surprisingly great success.

It all flourished from my decision to take part in Christian Aid’s Give it up for Lent campaign. Which, truth be told, has not been a cakewalk. I have come away from this with, more than anything, the realisation that I am incredibly hard on myself. That most of my “negative thoughts” come from internal pressures that play no part in my actual or desired opinion of myself.

Thank Lent for that. I have come out the other side of my fasting experiment happier, healthier, and embracing every part of myself and the world around me in a way that is not only positive but beneficial.

With the charity continuing their efforts to end poverty, fight gender inequality, and responding to emergencies (all of which contribute to poverty), I have made the campaign-free vow to refuse the things I have given up for well beyond the forty days pledged.

Do continue to contribute to Christian Aid’s wonderful work if you can. Financially or personally – every little counts!

food blog Quinoa Fritters
As you know, I gave up eating meat at home as part of my do-gooding Lent vows.

It was terribly easy but I felt slightly, well, bored. Though I’ve eaten a primarily veggie diet naturally and can roast most vegetables to perfect, my most impressive dishes involved creative meat creations and I felt slightly dissatisfied without them. A woman can only face a certain amount of courgetti before she starts to lose her mind.

I looked for a solution and found it in Everdine. The box delivery business, which aims to facilitate meal plans with unique clean meals, makes “eating clean” idiot-proof for meat-eaters and veggies alike.

The vegetarian boxes, however, looked like my uninspired woman’s dream come true.

Whether your box comes with 8 or 12 meals, the rules are consistent: pop your fresh meal boxes in the freezer when they arrive and follow the accompanying cooking instructions when you fancy fuss-free, nutritious and unprocessed food porn.

I was dubious. I keep nothing but ice and vodka in the freezer. But Everdine’s Michelin-trained chefs freeze their gourmet meals as soon as they are put together, meaning the result is infinitely better than your average “freezer food”.

In my first box, I enjoyed vegetable gyozas, speckled lentil chilli, shiitake & tofu teriyaki, rainbow veg Pad Thai, parsnip & paneer curry, falafel Shawarma, courgette & feta quinoa cakes, and butternut squash spelt risotto, Everdine is quite literally as good (and inspirationally seasoned) as vegetarian food porn gets.

Want to try it out? I managed to nab you lovely folk a £30 off code for your first box! Simply pop IN1LELALDN in when you check out and get your prettiest plates at the ready!

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food blog Butternut Squash Risotto
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To celebrate the launch of Nespresso’s new Creatista machine, the good-as-it-gets coffee brand invited fans old and new to the Creatista Studio – a pop-up café that expertly combined Instagramable interiors with unparalleled caffeine hits – and I was one of a lucky few to visit during its two week run in London and Leeds.

With latte artists and pro baristas on hand to answer my every question regarding the machine and general coffee-making, I genuinely left the Studio feeling closer to my barista dreams than ever before.

Truthfully, the Creatista is so savvy and intuitive that is essentially acts as an in-home barista.

I know this because I have since been spending most of my spare time loving on one of my very own.

With a few button clicks, the machine’s prodigious digital display turns Nespresso pod into café-style coffee – fully automatic steam wand and all. The customisable settings even offer you the choice to blend textured milk into Pinterest-worthy latte art (Not that that happens overnight; Nespresso didn’t perfect coffee in a day and my personally perfect milk pour is following very slow suit.)

Nonetheless, I get to spend every day with a glossy machine that heats up in 10 seconds and makes better flat whites than any of the overpriced cafes around me. It can’t be beat.

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