In Review: Brunch at Busaba

busaba brunch
Hello, beloved readers. Brunch addict here again. This time…a little spicier.

I am an unapologetic creature of habit almost every weekend; come 11am, the craving for avocado and eggs hits and I flitter across the city to try one of my most recent brunch recommendations.

Occasionally, I break the mould and come out on top. This is what happened at Busaba Eathai.

Busaba recently launched brunch at their Shoreditch and newly refurbished Kingston Riverside sites (available from 10am to 3pm) and my lust for both thai food and indulgent brunches Spidey-sensed a potential win.

As you know, if it is on this blog it is most certainly a win. After ordering two Koh Samuis (made with coconut, carrot, and orange juice), my hungry companion and I ordered up a storm; coconut multi-grain porridge (served with sliced banana, ginger-spiced pineapple and chilli), baked eggs with spicy minced beef (a spicy melange of minced beef, red chilli, garlic, mushroom, cherry tomato, and eggs served with char-grilled toast), and Pad Thai with coconut rice (because I couldn’t help but suggesting it to my companion, Busaba Virgin).

Surrounded by what I assume is the the sole collection of palm trees in Shoreditch, I could not imagine a better place to spend a spicy Saturday or Sunday. Especially for recovery purposes (ahem).

busaba brunch
busaba brunch
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Review: Chop House, London (A Picnic by Tower Bridge!)

tower bridge picnic
Behold the secret highlight of Tower Bridge, Butlers Wharf Chop House.

Until last weekend I didn’t realise quite how glorious the East side of the bridge was. As hoards of tourists flood to snap the bridge from the Shard, Tower of London and South Bank, I have unconsciously avoided the area at all costs.

For the sake of food (natch), I finally took the walk from Tower Hill to Chop House’s gorgeous riverside terrace.

Who knew.

The restaurant recently launched a ‘Ultimate Chop House Picnic‘ that sounded too good to pass up. Each hamper includes a beautiful little cacophony of treats; ours featured two spit-roasted chicken, watercress & mayonnaise rolls, Gloucester old spot scotch eggs, fresh sausage rolls, hand-crafted jaffa cakes, prawn cocktails, hand-crafted sea salt & black pepper crisps, miniature scones, fresh strawberries, and kilner jars of sparkling fruit jellies,

Served alongside an exclusively-created ‘Jensen’s Gin Cup’ and a picture-perfect view of Tower Bridge, I’m not sure it gets any better along the Thames.

The picnics wrap on the 30th (boo!) so head down while you can!

tower bridge picnic
tower bridge picnic
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Summer Favourites

twiggy chelsea boots
I always see ‘summer favourites’ popping up around the beauty blogosphere but very rarely see non-cosmetic products mentioned. To be frank, very little changes in my beauty routine from Spring to Summer so I have decided to give my non-beauty favourites some blog loving, instead…

When I’m not hot-footing around London I seem to be travelling to new extremely walkable cities, therefore practically live in Chelsea boots to do so. After my last pair met their overworn end, I chose to replace them with these little beauties and get complimented on them daily. They are slightly mod, a tan-boosting cream colour, and have the perfect little all-day heel.

Lucky for you, it looks like they’ve also just landed in the sale!

phone power bank
It seems like the majority of my favourites are pretty, travel-friendly things that make life easier. The Trendz Power Bank is no exception. Because my phone often acts as my second laptop, I run the battery out faster than the average tech head. I always have my charger on me if I’m out for more than a few hours but often find myself struggling to find places to charge up between meetings.

The amount of time I’ve had to

Put simply, the Power Bank can get my phone to 100% multiple times per charge. It’s a floral godsend.

summer food favourites
This one needs subcategories.

Health hacks:
No matter how good my intentions are, leading a busy lifestyle gets in the way of my healthy lifestyle all too often. I drink litres upon litres of water and eat clean as often as I can, but love when I find little health hacks to make my efforts a little more consistent.

My two current faves are Source of Life® Green Lightning and Bioglan Superfoods Powders. Both are powder supplements that deliver a plethora of micronutrients in every scoop. Green Lightning is the more energising of the two with over 50 whole food concentrates and extracts, including fruits, vegetables, algae & herbs but the antioxidant-packed Bioglan Acai powder has the perfect ‘berry smoothie’ taste with the addition of super-healthy goji, pomegranate and blueberries.

Healthy treats:
I have developed a newfound appreciation for ice cream this month and while these three products certainly aren’t ‘health food’ they are far superior to all of their freezer food counterparts:
1) Lushice – Wait for it…cocktail sorbets. Each pot of Lushice is created using high quality fruit puree and juice sourced from the West Country, a dash of premium liquor, and clocks in at under 100 calories per 100ml, The Piña Colada flavour is life and they’re also completely vegan.
2) Wheyhey – Sugar-free and all-natural ice cream with 20g of protein per small serving cup. The added incentive is the xylitol (which is super healthy for teeth and gums). You will have definitely seen a pot or two pop up on my Instagram.
3) Remeo Gelato – Remeo uses 100% natural, high-quality ingredients and a process which means the product has 35% less fat than regular ice cream. The gluten-free gelatos taste as haute as they look (the transparent cases were designed by a fashion designer for Etro).

twiggy chelsea boots

In Review: NAC, London

nac london
The rumours are true: you find love when you least expect it.

Without presumption, I made a dinner reservation at North Audley Cantine (or NAC) because it was around the corner from my last meeting of the day and – spoiler alert – the restaurant knocked my socks off.

The ‘cantine’ is, as fellow Londoners might deduce, located on North Audley Street at the Marble Arch end of Oxford Street and serves up a vast menu of curious comfort food throughout the day.

Cocktails are recommended. Not only because they are badass (which they are) but because you’ll need something to savour while you attempt to choose from a dangerously enticing menu.

Once we were able to make up our minds, we were brought a branded and pink-striped goody bag of bread and butter before our sharing plates (‘starters’, for purpose of the review) arrived. Knowing we had some heavy mains on the way, our trio of seabass tartare (with cucumber, ginger, lemongrass & Szechuan pepper), tiger prawn tempura, and farro salad of (with crushed avocado, parmesan, chilli & mint) offered a flavourful tease of what was to come.

When the smell of truffle started to flood from the kitchen, our order was indisputably ready. Though both my dining partner and I were after the truffle burger (a lavish little beauty loaded with mature cheddar and truffle mayo), I gave mine up for a bite of his and a starter/side combo of teriyaki pork ribs (loaded with mirin and chilli) and truffled mac & cheese.

With both mac ‘n’ rib melting over my tongue, I hardly lost out.

Calling it quits before I could hit ceramic, I headed downstairs to freshen up and stumbled upon NAC’s not-so-secret bar – Chez Chow – through heavy curtains. I have yet to spend an evening there but further inspection found that the dog-themed speakeasy serves up a glorious cocktail and nibbles menu of its own. Bookmarked.

After my little discovery sesh I returned to the table to find dessert menus. Though I wasn’t feeling the need (truffle and I keep each other very satisfied), one glance at the word ‘churros’ secured the table for at least twenty more minutes.

Arriving alongside three lovely puffs of choux (served with ice cream), the churros were every bit as fluffy, warm and moreish as I had hoped.

I’m accidentally in love.

nac london
nac london
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Season To Taste

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After weeks of preparation as Unilever’s Thanksgiving expert, last week marked the official launch of ‘Season To Taste‘ – an experiential journey through food trends for media and food influencers alike.

For the day, my fellow ambassadors and I took over a stunning warehouse in East London to conduct food demonstrations and talk everyone through the trends. Mine, of course, being the steady takeover of Thanksgiving in the UK: Britsgiving.

With each trend utilising a plethora of products from Maille, Colman’s, Hellmann’s, Knorr and PG Tips, it was fascinating to see how many talented chefs used their kitchen cupboard staples to create delicious new dishes. Guests feasted on everything from the festive Swedish smorgasbords of Skandilicious to the juicy lamb and halloumi wraps of Victus and Bibo (not forgetting my spicy bacon deviled eggs and “the most tender turkey in the world!”).

If sharing a kitchen with Marco Pierre White (the Knorr ambassador) wasn’t already enough, I left the event with a number of new friends, new recipes, and a new stroke of inspiration.

My guests don’t know what’s coming for them this Thanksgiving…

season to taste
season to taste
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