September 7, 2010

Prince Charles for British Vogue

Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry
If I had to make a list of people from whom I’d take fashion advice, I can guarantee that Prince Charles would not be on it. This is why it is fascinating to read that he penned an article in this month’s British Vogue offering his own sartorial tips on vintage clothing, wool, and how fashion can save the planet.

Prince Charles on Vintage:

“I have a passion for reusing things and repairing them…On the whole, the older some things are, the more comfortable and familiar they become; they can even be adapted to look new in a different context.”

“[Vintage] is not only about an attraction for retro design and the charm of the old, it is very much about the future. Fashion clearly makes people feel good, but now it has to do the world good, too, by contributing to the creation of a virtuous circle, with nature protected at the centre.”

He also gives a shout out to wool which he says is “infinitely more ‘sustainable’ than artificial fibres made from oil derivatives.”

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