Working as a Stylist

Though no day is ever the same, I always get asked to describe my ‘typical work day’ as a stylist. Frankly, Alex White has explained it better than I ever could.

As the sun came up at 6 am, we set up the clothing and accessories in the presidential suite at The Bacara Hotel.

I like to create these epic shoots with Mert and Marcus, and this sweeping landscape made a striking backdrop for the colourful spring/summer 2011 collection.

I had originally planned a 70’s look with girls in long, flowing dresses jumping across a field with the wind blowing their silhouettes. This idea will be perfect for my next March sitting, “Remodeling the 70’s” with Inez and Vinoodh.

I often start with an idea in mind, but then decide to switch gears as the shoot progresses. While Frida and Caroline were gorgeous in these Ferragamo and Pucci dresses, the dramatic landscape called for sharp splashes of colour.

The sun kept creeping in and out all day, but we decided to move forward and shoot. The first picture looked amazing, so we kept going. When I picked the location, I had imagined the quintessential Santa Barbara bright blue skies and green hills, but in the end, this stormy landscape worked perfectly and brought out the intensity of the photography.

The bleak, apocalyptic landscape made these vibrant, neon colours pop. The new direction is working …

These two looks were beautiful on the runway. Unfortunately, not everything makes the page … a hard edit for March.

Bubblelicious Hailey!

These brilliant coloured stockings were exactly what I needed to give the look my personal touch. I had the best shoes and clothes from designers, but I needed something else … and these stockings tie it all together.

A few whimsical sketches to help with the editing process.