August 14, 2011

Body Perfect in 30 Days

I am not happy with my body.

Shock horror, I’m a girl. It’s expected of us, right? We have to have a “least favourite” and “most favourite” feature. We have to wish to shrink a part, and expand another. To lose inches horizontally and gain them vertically.

Well, too bad – I love the way my body looks. Though my measurements are more Kardashian than Bundchen, I am very happy with every nook and cranny. The problem? It doesn’t feel it’s best. With a weak immune system, ‘convenient’ diet and lack of purposeful exercise, I know the actions I need to take to create the fighting form of years past.

So here it is – the thirty day plan that will promote a real lifestyle change:

  • Exercise: I danced for years and when combined with soccer/football training, I had the most incredible energy and tone to my body. After trading these passions up and to join the fashion industry grind, my exercise regime and become sporadic, if not almost completely reliant on the extra burn you get from wearing stilettos around London. Exercise has been put on the backburner. Now, whether it’s running, dancing, kickboxing or more, I am dedicating at least one hour of every morning towards getting my heart pumping.
  • Food: I live by convenience. I am a good cook when I make the effort, but would honestly prefer to spend an hour working to an hour in the kitchen. This doesn’t leave me with too bad of a diet, as I love fruit and drink tons of water, but tend to reach for yogurts (though gluten makes me feel very ill), sandwiches, and “healthy” snack foods. Processed food that slows my body down. For the first thirty days – at least – I am eating all raw foods (fruit, veg, nuts) except for coffee and tea, which I consume in moderation.
  • Supplements: I am taking a daily multivitamin and detoxification phytonutrients from Functionalab. I may add more as I go along, dependent on my body’s requirements.

    I start tomorrow and will track each day (by Twitter and blog? I haven’t decided). Even if you want to do so without sharing/blogging your experience, I hope you embark on a healthy change, too!

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