October 14, 2011

Pain-Free Lipo: Go Strawberry!

Laser Lipo
Drumroll please…I got lipo!

OK, not like you’re thinking. I was actually invited by The Body Silk Clinic in East London to preview a brand new treatment making waves in the beauty industry, Strawberry Laser Lipo.

What the monkeys, you say? Strawberry what? Basically, a strawberry shaped device targets your pesky fat cells by emitting a low level of laser energy against the area you would like to target. In doing so, the fat cells become deliciously porous, giving them the ability to release ‘the expanders’ – fatty acids, extra water and glycerol – into the blood stream. Basically, that means your body is sent into the same – natural – state that uses up your stored fat when energy is needed.

That means, when combined with 30 minutes of cardio post-treatment, those freed fatty acids get completely eliminated from your system, and can make you lose up to four inches.

It is also painless. Seriously. Nothing but a minor warmth against the skin. No recovery time. No scarring. If you’re going to spend the money on liposuction, I highly recommend you chose the Strawberry laser option at £1195 for eight treatments. My results were minor after one treatment, I have seen major results from a full course.

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