March 8, 2012

Hangover Cures


I am not sure why, but even though I have friends that have been drinking well over a decade, very few of them seem to be able to avoid a hangover.

My public service of the day? It is time to teach all you wild childs how to wake up the ‘morning after‘ feeling fresh as a daisy. Or – at the very least – like you can get through the day without puking on public transport.

– If you’re going out at night, you want to start eating anti-inflammatory foods around lunchtime. We’re talking vegetables, water-heavy fruits, unsalted nuts, salmon, and water, water, water.
– Moisturize your under-eye area. This will help keep your undereyes from sinking, wrinking, and looking “drunk”. Tap tap tap the concealer around the entire ocular bone.
– Drink more water! If you’re sick of it, add some Milk Thistle drops to boost your liver function, or swap your H20 out for ultra-hydrating coconut water.

Party Time
– Swap champagne/beer/wine/poison out for cocktails mixed with seltzer. That way, the alcohol has less of a chance to dehydrate you. If you’re wanting to be super good, drink a glass of water after every drink.
– Stay away from the snacks. Unless they’re consciously healthy, “party foods” are generally filled with mass amounts of salt. Consuming them will make you feel tired and bring on the bloat.
– Hydrating balm. Dry lips are as common as the hiccups, and will make you feel terrible in the morning. Balm yourself when the end of the evening nears.

– Remove your makeup. Face hangovers aren’t pretty, and often come with a breakout or stained pillows. A light night-time exfoliation will help your skin detox.
– Work that virgin coconut oil. From face to body, it is the best “tipsy treatment”. It smells incredible, is super-high in antioxidants, will repair any dehydrated skin, and protect against free radicals while you sleep the party off.
– Throw a shot of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water. The combination is proven to help subside headaches, body aches and puffiness.
– Lay your head to rest….on tons of pillows. The elevation will prevent fluid retention aka drunky puffy gross face.

The Morning After
– Massage yourself in bed. Squeeze, rub, stretch and get that circulation pumping without making too much effort.
– Before showering, mix some egg white together and apply to your face as a mask. It is an all-natural way to detox and tighten your face.
– Don’t take a “long hot shower”. Psychologically, it might make you feel better, but you are actually causing your skin stress with the heat, and it will react by puffing up.
HYDRATE! Via drink, via product – moisture, as you may have gathered, is key.

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