June 4, 2012

South Africa – Travel in Style with Cox & Kings

South Africa
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Considering I am currently on a comedown from my incredible vacation in America, I jumped right on the chance to participate in this travel-based competition from luxury holidays company Cox & Kings. (A trip to Warsaw is up for grabs!)

A few bloggers – myself included – have been invited to create a “holiday wardrobe” Pinterest board of 10 items that represent the country of our choice. Because I have been obsessed with this country (slash elephants) since the age of 7, I knew that South Africa would be my immediate choice.

My pinned choices represent both my personal taste and the country itself. You may notice that each colour on the country’s flag (green, white, yellow, black, white, navy blue, red) have been accounted for.

Over the past ten years, South Africa has also developed into a major wine producer with incredible vineyards, so I knew that I wanted to get a beautiful wine-coloured evening piece in there somewhere. At the same time, I feel that South Africa is a country that – at least in the daytime – should be vigorously explored. A “bite the bullet and wear flats” location. Flats done the Lela way, with these eye-catching angel wing sandals that remind me of flight…of travel…while remaining appropriately comfortable.

When I think of South Africa, Ladysmith Black Mambazo – the country’s most famous musical export – always comes to mind. In honour of her creative genius, I have included this lightweight “Ladysmith” blazer from Jack Wills. Tailor made holidays tailored by clothing name? Yes, I’m that compulsive.

Last but not least, there are some definite essentials that cannot afford to be missed. Por ejemplo, Fodor’s illustrated guide to South Africa (because every fashionista loves visual information!), a high-quality SPF, and a deluxe travel kit of beauty booty.

Safe and happy travels!

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