October 4, 2012

Saving Heel with Scholl Party Feet

heels party feet scholl
Being a stylist often means shoving an unfortunate model’s foot in an undersized shoe but I  rarely come across a foot too small for a shoe (taller ladies often have larger feet, proportionally). On the off chance that it happens, Scholl foot inserts ands gobs of toilet paper usually save the day.

Banking on the hope to find a shoe insert that would save the day, I recently purchased these plexi heel beauties (which my son, Waffles McQueen, seems to have taken quite a liking to) in the last available size – Size Too Big.

After loading up on Scholl Party Feet Heel Shields, Heel Cushions, Sore Spots, and Invisible Gel Cushions, I set to shrink the surface area of each shoe. What I love about the Party Feet range over other brands and styles is their ability to really become ‘invisible’. In the photo below, I have put a Heel Shield on the left and left the right bare; you can barely notice. In five minutes or less, I packed each shoe with a Heel Shield, Gel Cushion, and two Sore Spots at the front opening of the heel (as the Gel Cushion raises the ball of the foot and could otherwise cause rubbing).

Shoe hacking into a perfectly comfortable fit with no slips. Love it.

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