March 7, 2013

The Tablet Takeover

Tablet Sony - Infographic

Xperia™ Tablet

I am a total tablet junkie. Because I have the mother of all desktops as my main ‘blogging tool’, I feel a bit like a Hilton in a hostel when I’m out and about and need to conduct anything business-related (a lot of which is digital). The tablet is definitely my personal favourite when it comes to digital inventions.

The bandwagon is ready to be jumped on, my loves! As well as packing a truly portable punch, tablets like Sony’s Xperia™ Tablet perfectly bridge the gap between smartphone and desktop computer. Obviously tablets have basics like the internet and access to your e-mail covered as soon as they are unpacked, but I find that the ability to fill a tablet with apps and extras makes it that much more enjoyable to use. My tablet has become my favourite way to watch movies, read e-books, Skype, tweet, Instagram, organise my calendar, and take quality photos if I am without my SLR. With tablets like the Xperia™ Tablet, you can even use it as a remote control to command your TV, Blu-ray disc player, HiFi system, and even your cable box.

When I came across the infographic above, I was actually shocked by a few of the statistics. You will see that; One) only 30% of users use their tablet daily, two) just 54% of users watch video on their device, and three) only 50% of users check their e-mail with it. This is the exact antithesis to how I use mine!

What about you guys? Are we all in love with tablets or have you yet to try one out for yourself?

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