May 28, 2013

Crete Beach Fashion: Dos and Don’ts

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It is worth pointing out from the very start that this is not a comprehensive fashion piece on the latest trends. This is merely a simple guide for those of you who are thinking of visiting this wonderful Greek island (or anywhere else where the sun is shining and the drinks are flowing, for that matter) as to what is acceptable and what isn’t when it comes to beachwear on the gorgeous beaches which await you.

Men: Stick to the Norm
The dudes have it fairly easy. Simply pop into any high street store in the UK – or Crete itself – and you should be able to find a decent pair of swimming trunks. If you have the body or confidence (or, as is increasingly the case, just the confidence) a pair of Speedos. Most men settle for long trunks and this, for everyone’s best interest, is the recommended attire on most beaches. As man you can’t really go to wrong, especially as multi-coloured shorts are fairly common these days, so even if you go shopping in the dark or, God forbid, on your own you will find it impossible go too far wrong.

Women: Match your Outfit to the Beach
No, I am not suggesting we all go on the warpath for sand coloured bikinis. What I am suggesting, based on the many different types of beaches in Crete, is that what you wear is likely to differ from one to another. If your beach is near to a town or well known resort such as Elafonisi beach, then chances are they will be family heavy with plenty of young kids running about (falling over and generally creating havoc). With that in mind you should take the scene into consideration and keep yourself covered up in fairly conservative attire – a traditional bikini or swimming costume will be more than suitable.

If you manage to escape the crowded beaches of the main resorts and find yourself on a secluded cove then the chances of being surrounded by too tourists are significantly reduced. If it’s your bag, take the opportunity to be a bit more daring. You can choose to leave a little bit more to the imagination, if desired, or lose your inhibitions and even go topless. It is worth noting that there are a few nudist beaches in Crete but be sure to ensure that you actively seek them out if you fancy going au naturale.

When it comes to beachwear in Crete, it is very much a case of designing your ideal holiday and using your common sense. If there are families around, think about what you would want your children to see. If you are in a more private location, then your world and inhibitions are your oyster.

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