July 15, 2013

DIY Gel Nails: Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish

kiss gel nails
I have seen plenty of kits pop up for at-home/DIY gel nails over the past year but have had very little faith that any would produce salon-quality results. While I’ve seen a professional gel nail last a month on my hands, my inability and impatience to even paint a normal polish on my talons seemed to suggest I would have poor results.

I have been very surprised by the success and ease of the Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish Starter System. When combined with their ‘Pro LED Gel Lamp‘, you have everything a professional nail tech uses: a cleansing solution, lint-free wipes, buff block, mini file, manicure stick, and three-step gel polish system (a base gel, a colour gel, and a clear top gel). The lamp allows you to seal one hand at a time and is as easy to use as locating a wall plug and pressing a button.

Even with my impatient and heavy-handed technique, a simple leaflet of step-by-step instructions guided me to a completed full gel manicure in less than 10 minutes (zero dry time!). For a system that costs roughly as much as a single in-salon gel appointment, this is the only way I imagine to be painting my nails in future.

kiss gel nails
kiss gel nails

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